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Advanced Navigation Features

MapmyIndia Navigation: India's best OFFLINE (no internet required), house no. level, 3D Navigation Apps powered by India's best, most comprehensive & detailed maps from MapmyIndia.

  • Our solutions run on devices powered by Linux, Android, iOS operating systems as well as WinCE devices with OpenGL ES based Graphics Accelerator - this means we are able to run 3D rendering with ease.
  • Integrates easily to match the look and feel of pre-existing user interface (HMI harmonization with Device UI).
  • Able to integrate with in-vehicle dead reckoning using modified GPS data.
  • Supports over-the-air (through internet) map updates.

Automotive UI

Designed specifically for in-car environment keeping in mind minimal driver distraction and maximal ease of use conforming to standards at par with other comparable automotive standards like Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™

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Unified Search

A Single line search interface which offers a single frame where user can search virtually anything in the app; from saved places/routes to POIs to searching on online resources like foursquare venues. A color coded theme for each search ‘folder’ or ‘filter’ helps in easing the search further.

Junction Views

This feature provides a realistic representation of an upcoming intersection or junction on the route. It is presented alongside the map in a split screen view, so that it is extremely easy for any user to understand, and it increases a user’s situational awareness.

Driver Alerts

Traffic signs, including mandatory, cautionary and informational signs are displayed for enhanced driver assistance and to help user’s abide by traffic regulations. For example, if you cross a speed limit, there will be a warning message. (Kunal giving a simpler screenshot)

High Precision Sign-As-Real Display

We provide overhead signs - indicating directions to areas - in our solutions. They are displayed exactly according to their real location to offer better guidance to the users.

Voice Recognition & Text-To-Speech

NaviMaps offers ability to integrate with the system’s VR and TTS engine(s) and provide both completely voice controlled navigation as well as voice output for Indian English of area names pan-India.

VR implementation can be accomplished based on either only limited command based VR or complete command + address search based VR.

Traffic & Traffic Events

Our navigation solutions can show and use traffic flow and traffic events data for route calculation. We provide live traffic for 30+ cities across India, allowing for more precise ETA.

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