Mapping the Future of a Smarter & Better India!

On April 17th 2017, we had our 1st ever flagship Map The Future Conference. We were so fortunate to have in-person participation from over 800 CXOs, Senior Government Officials, thought leaders, visionaries and developers across industry (and 1,00,000+ online) and we hope together we will build a smarter & better future together using the power of Maps & Location Technologies.

Over the day, we made a series of ground-breaking map and location based technology and product releases, as well as strategic Make in India alliances with other best-in-class Indian organizations viz ISRO, Idea Cellular, Visit Health, Aatapaha Smart Lighting, Reverie Language Technologies and Udacity India, that will together lead to best for India solutions for all 125+ crores Indians, 5+ crore Indian businesses, and 7+ lakh Indian governments from village to municipal to district to state to central level.

BIG Announcements of the day

Strategic Alliances, Parterships, Acquisition and Disruptive Technology Releases

Map the Future Conference - Tech Bytes


Map the Future Conference Opens with Keynote Address and Technology of the Future

Seize the Future with IoT:

According to the Center of Excellence for IoT, the opportunity for the market in India is likely to touch USD 15 Bn by 2020, which will be roughly 5% of the global market. See what the future holds in IoT, ranging across multiple applications like Smart Lighting, environment sensors, Smart homes, smart watches, beacons, Indoor positioning. See how location is playing a key role in making IoT the next big enabler for businesses and also helping us improves our lives with use of in car OBD2 devices for diagnostics, smart health devices, watches, smart refrigerators, home automation, smart parking with use of multiple technologies like GPS, WiFi, 2G/ 3G/ 4G, LoRa.
Speakers, Participants & Panelists from: MapmyIndia (Theme Address - Mr. Rishin Kalra), Qualcomm Ventures (Moderator - Mr. Karthee Madaswamy), Aeris (Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar), Idea (Mr. Bhushan Sethi), Vodafone (Ms. Farhana Haque), Aatapaha (Mr. Aman Chawla) and Tata Communications (Mr. Sachin Pukale)

Mapping the Future of Vehicles & Transportation:

Vehicles of the Future - How passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers will become super SAFE and eventually self-driving in myriad scenarios: on roads and highways, inside campuses, in controlled access environments and off-road in forest and border areas, for applications including people transport, goods & cargo shipments and unmanned, autonomously-guided defence & security scenarios.
Speakers, Participants & Panelists from: MapmyIndia (Theme Address - Mr. Shivalik Prasad, Chief Business Officer) , Economic Times (Moderator - Mr. Hitesh Raj Bhagat, Tech Editor), Maruti Suzuki (Mr. Tarun Agarwal), TVS (Mr. A Sivakumar), Mahindra (Mr. Sirish Batchu), Ford Motors (Mr. Saurabh Arya) and Hyundai Mobis (Mr. Bob Paul).

Transportation of the Future - How do we achieve ‘The Perfect Ride’? Wherein a vehicle is available immediately when needed for people or cargo transportation, is completely safe for the passengers, driver, cargo, pedestrians and the immediate environment and is highly efficient and seamless, i.e., no more traffic! What are the breakthroughs in physical transportation supply chains that will shape our future?
Speakers, Participants & Panelists from
: Fortune India (Moderator - Mr. T Surendar, Editor), Avis (Mr. Sunil Gupta), Reffcon (Mr. Rolland Dimai, MD), Delhivery (Mr. Kapil Bharati), MD, Hella India (Mr. Ramashankar Pandey), Orahi (Mr. Arun Bhati) and Reffcon (Mr. Rolland Dimai)

Smart City/Village Governance & Security in The Future:

Can we improve civic service delivery such that it reaches every disenfranchised community, village and town? How can we improve property tax assessment and management such that it reaches every single household? What will be key to having smarter cities and better Defence & Security? Look to the future of governance with the help smart parking, intelligent transport systems, smart grids, smart urban lighting solutions, solid waste management, smart control rooms, digital signage and mapping Government assets (both movable and immovable), Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Border Intrusion Detection systems.
Speakers, Participants & Panelists from: MapmyIndia (Theme Address: Mr. Rakesh Verma, MD), Former Secretary, MoUD (Moderator - Dr. Sudhir Krishna, IAS), Additional Chief Electoral Officer & Spl Secretary, Govt. of AP (Mr. Anoop Singh, IFS), NSCS ( Wg Cdr Satyam Kushwaha), Jt. Director, CDAC, Pune (Dr. Manoj Khare), Country Manager Alliances, HPE India (Mr. Debashish Dutta), ADG, CBDT(Mr. Sanjeev Singh, IRS) DG, .

Businesses, e-Commerce, Retail, BFSI and Factories in the Future:

How today businesses are leveraging skills, technologies, practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. How analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on geodemographic data, location based SaaS, highly accurate hyperlocal address data, indoor maps, route optimization and indoor tracking is the way to the future!
Speakers, Participants & Panelists from: MapmyIndia (Theme Address: Ankeet Bhat, VP & Sapna Ahuja, COO), Flipkart (Balaji Chandran), Arvind Mills (Mr. Mukul Bafna), Hero Motocorp (Mr. Vijay Sethi), Reliance Group (Mr. Alok Srivastava), CP Wholesale India (Mr. Sameer Singh), Mobikwik (Mr. Damandeep Soni), SBI General (Mr. Anthony Devassy), IFFCO (Mr. Lalit Kumar), L&T Infotech (Mr. Rajnish Gupta) and Reliance Nippon Life Insurance (Mr. Srinivasan Iyengar)

Thank you for attending