MapmyIndia Traffic

Know your road traffic condition in real time using MapmyIndia’s widespread and accurate traffic information
"MapmyIndia’s Traffic offering aims to support with value added information for telematics and mobility applications. It helps users to be better informed about safe, smart and coordinated use of transport networks."
Robust high quality data

MapmyIndia traffic leverages on the most comprehensive road vector map and location intelligence platform to provide precise and most relevant snapshot of road conditions in real time. Collecting more than 200 million GPS data points every day from variety of sources including indigenous Telematics platform, mobile applications, and alliances, which is filtered, edited, aggregated and is used for traffic intelligence.

MapmyIndia incorporates industry-specific criteria affecting real-time traffic flow, including busy junctions and road blocks, real-time incidents & events, bringing in crowd-sourced data for understanding live traffic flow and improve the accuracy of information for making traffic insight more useful by giving a complete and integrated picture of what is happening on the road.

Live Traffic Flow Data

Real-time distribution of traffic speed & congestion overlayed on digital maps

Traffic Analytics

Predictive analytics using historic traffic feed to show possible traffic scenarios in future

Floating Data

Traffic movement through vehicular data GPS probes & mobile applications

Traffic Event Data

Aggregation of the road data with information such as traffic jams, accidents, obstacles, roadworks, speed etc

Our Products

Transformimg Big Data into meaningful traffic information, developing high quality traffic services to help authorities, businessess and consumers

Real Time Live Traffic

  • Displays live traffic of any geographic area with search feature
  • Live traffic feeds available via traffic APIs
  • Supports various industry standard formats like TMC & Open LR
  • Available to automotive OEs with Open LR feeds for connected experience

Historical Traffic information

  • Modelled from archived traffic data and/or GPS probes datasets
  • Includes historically derived average speed information
  • Georeferenced to MapmyIndia’s core database
  • Used for Analytics and traffic management by public authorities

Predictive Traffic

  • Predictive Traffic is based on historical feeds based on million of GPS probes in real time and historic data
  • Helps in planning journeys in advance
  • Helps authorities manage traffic congested areas with traffic light management

Traffic Analytics

  • To support planning agencies and enterprise customers with traffic data like vehicle speed and movements in real time
  • Color-coded traffic for quick visual status of traffic problems
  • Identifies where, when and why traffic congestion occurs
  • Traffic APIs help to get flow and events data

Serving Markets & Customers with Traffic Data for a Smart City

MapmyIndia Traffic product & services how use of Information and data available to us can be used to really create smart services to provide with better living.

  • Data inputs for traffic management and travel information
  • Traffic Flow data such as speed, delay, to provide individuals and public authorities with an accurate picture of real-time conditions on the roadway to quickly verify and process traffic events.
  • Emergency response system
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion on a busy road
  • Connecting Traffic Management System (Traffic signals and Traffic Command centers)  for smooth traffic management
  • Broadcast traffic news on media to create real time awareness on traffic situations