Complete navigation projection from smartphone to car IVIs

A navigation solution that uses the unmatched versatility of NaviMaps and the nigh-universal presence of smartphones within the society to provide to customer’s a unique blend of automotive grade navigation that is also capable of being portable enough to allow a single platform being used by the consumers for a door to door solution.

In this solution, the smartphone projects complete navigation user interface and voice guidance to the client’s IVI device.

The advantage of NaviMaps lies in its ability to mold itself according to the usage. Since we recognize that the in-car environment and usage is completely different from that of a handheld smartphone use, the same setup also offers the convenience of having different UI and controls on the IVI platform. NaviMaps can easily adapt to the in-car environment offering a safe and reliable navigation experience through the use of its automotive UI→ the best of embedded navigation ported to smartphone based projection solution.

Through the use of its integrated Car-Connectivity module, NaviMaps can offer complete projection of its maps, voice guidance and controls to the in-car IVI units using wired (USB) or wireless (Wi-Fi) mechanisms.

Complete Navigation Projection

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