Best-in-class navigation on linux platform →Fast, light & customizable!

Linux based navigation engines are custom built around the flavor of Linux being used on the client IVI unit.

The significant advantage of Linux systems being highly customizable are also replicated in the architecture of NaviMaps application.

NaviMaps’ core navigation engine is built using proprietary code in C and therein lies its significant advantage in that it is relatively easy to compile the same using the development toolchains (SDKs) provided by clients. NaviMaps also supports a wide variety of interfaces/plugins/standards popularly offered by industry wide Linux based IVIs.

NaviMaps runs on in-dash devices powered by Linux embedded or QNX operating systems.

  • Integrates easily to match the look and feel of pre-existing user interface.
  • Integrates with in-vehicle dead reckoning GPS.
  • Supports over-the-air app and map updates via 3G or WiFi.

HMI can be customized on wide variety of levels. Basic customization allows HMI theme change (colors, gradients, icons). In-depth customization allows changing complete HMI, including themes, basic work-flows and even adding new features. Due to maximally flexible software architecture customization development time is dramatically reduced with use of vector graphics (SVG) UI element and Javascript workflow(s) description.

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