MapmyIndia Offerings

Challenges: maximize the revenue and lower operational cost, reduce overhead costs, labour costs, decrease fuel and emissions, and manage the fleet better.

MapmyIndia Solution: Our Fleet Tracking products and services are offering our customers a leg-up over their competition by allowing them a better way of managing their fleet so it provides them with customer satisfaction, and reduced costs. In addition, our GPS Solutions along with our engineering capabilities allow us to offer fleet and asset tracking services with customisable options which are integrated, easy to deploy and use hardware and software solutions that have offered services to large organizations with competitive business budgets, corporate fleets, municipalities, and government.

MapmyIndia is amongst the largest provider of vehicle tracking services in India. This permits transport companies to utilize their fleet more efficiently as well as provide their customers with current information on the location of their consignment and its expected time of delivery. MapmyIndia utility network mapping experience can be leveraged by Railways to map all their field assets and this database can be used for optimizing the utilization of line capacity by more efficient crossings/dispatch of trains. These maps permit planers to optimize the maintenance of track and bridge/tunnel assets in a manner that causes least disruption to train running

Ready-to-Use GIS Data for Transportation & Logistics

MapmyIndia owns and maintains precision, GIS data holdings for the whole country and hence can provide visual information that helps expedite adding the utility assets on the geospatial medium and manage utility assets, keeping their network information up-to-date.

MapmyIndia Can Undertake Wide Variety of Surveys for Transportation & Logistics

With its large team of experienced and expert GIS survey professionals, MapmyIndia can undertake customized ground and asset survey in any city of India and can get their GIS-Ready data organised and value-added by leveraging on MapmyIndia data repository.

Get Your Mapping Done Easily from MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia's utility GIS services allows the organizations' assets and customers displayed in an enhanced way by overlaying it with our vast repository of India data such as roads, water bodies, buildings, and land use to understand rights-of-way, satellite imagery and field data.

MapmyIndia Can Build & Maintain MIS Reports

MapmyIndia is an expert in creating and organizing and delivering superior quality of MIS reports which can provide very timely information for quick decision making. These reports consist of deviation report, movement report, over speeding report, stoppage report and attendance report and others.

Seamless Integration of Positioning, Geo-Spatial & ICT Services

MapmyIndia has unique knowledge, expertise and capability to integrate various software modules with various third party applications like ERP, GIS using standard plug-ins or business APIs as per customer requirement by integrating hardware, software and data.

MapmyIndia Provides Tracking

MapmyIndia has provided efficient GPS based tracking solutions for vehicles that help reduce theft of products

Example of MapmyIndia Transportation & Logistic Solutions

AON Hewitt

AON Hewitt is one of the finest names in HR Consultancy and Outsourcing. This company has more than 4 offices in NCR Delhi with more than 6000 employees.

Following was the requirement statement:

  • In correct invoices being raised by the transport vendors for buses and cabs
  • Employees complaining about buses and cabs reaching late
  • Employee complaints regarding pick and drop locations not being safe, being dirty etc.
  • Real time information for these vehicles was not available and thus this was proving to be challenge for Operations, because at times the driver phones were not reachable or were switched off etc.

After studies these requirements, MapmyIndia proposed the following solutions to them:

  • Installing of State of the Art Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems
  • Physical survey of all employee residence, which included gathering information based on a template and also capturing the geo coordinates
  • Physical survey was also carried out for the Pick up and Drop locations of these employees which helped in putting a clearer perspective of these locations and helped Hewitt in providing a solution to the employee complaints
  • The employee geo coordinates were also put in the vehicles tracking application by creating geo fences for these employees, which helped in creating a track as to when the vehicles reached the employee and when did it leave from there, again helping in better operations and addressing employee and vendor grievances.
  • Installing GPS systems in the vehicles, also helped in giving live status of the vehicles at all times and made it very convenient for the Operations Team as they didn't now have to call up the drivers again and again. All was required was to check the position of the vehicle on the map using the vehicle tracking application.
  • Lastly and the most important issue which was resolved was the calculation of the kilometers done by these vehicles. Reports were churned out day wise, vehicle wise, month wise of the total distance covered which was then reconciled with the vendor invoices, thereby helping the company to save money.

Meru Cabs

Meru Cab is India's largest Radio Taxi Operator having a fleet size of more than 5000 vehicles. As part of continuing there edge in the market and providing innovative solutions to the guests, MapmyIndia proposed and delivered the following concept to them.

The problem are here was that once a cab was booked, and the job assigned to a cab, finding the customer location at times used to be problematic. This at times also required calling up the customer 4-5 times in order for the driver to reach him at the correct place. This at times can get troublesome for both the Guest as well as the driver. In order to solve this problem, MapmyIndia presented and delivered the following concept to Meru Cab:

  • MapmyIndia optimized the Fleet Navigation Software to suit Meru Cabs requirement.
  • This required the software to be run under certain parameters on the "Digitax" MDT which is installed in their cabs.
  • MapmyIndia, also provided a custom code which resides on the In-Vehicle MDT of Meru Cabs which interfaces the Fleet Navigation Software with their application and the MDT.
  • Using the above, once a call is assigned to the driver, the coordinates of the Guest are also sent along. Once this message is received on the MDT, and the driver to ready to pick up, Navigation starts to the point of pick up and then the point of drop. This Navigation is voice and turn by turn directions based.
  • Guest Coordinates are captured when a cab earlier to this dispatch may have picked up the Guest. If the customer is new, the driver can look up the address on the Fleet Navigation Application running on the MDT, as it also contains House Number Navigation data in almost 38 cities.

MapmyIndia Value Proposition

MapmyIndia has distinct and unique GIS offerings to Indian Government (central, state and local governments) – GIS services that no other Indian GIS company offers today in a combined manner. MapmyIndia aims to serve the needs of the government through focused, innovative, efficient and quality GIS products and GIS services of relevance to all areas of governance in central government, state governments and even local governments. MapmyIndia brings horizontal and vertical integration of satellite/aerial Remote Sensing, Ground Survey, Positioning, GIS databases and GIS applications, GIS web-services and overall system integration services in GIS. MapmyIndia has the best professionals and experienced technology advisers/consultants in this GIS technology and boasts of a top technical team. The MapmyIndia team, with its vast experience and expertise, provides the back-bone of innovative, quality and effective solutions to all sectors of governments, private sectors, academia and non-governmental organisations.

Specific Government Programs

There are many government programs which are focused on providing CCDTS- Crime tracking systems, state transport buses and passenger information systems, municipal corporation programs, food distribution system