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India's Best & Most Advanced Maps, GPS and Location Solutions
for Smart Cities

MapmyIndia is the ideal partner for implementing Smart City solutions in India. Over the last 25 years, MapmyIndia has built India's most comprehensive and detailed digital map data set, India's most advanced GPS-based IoT devices for Tracking & Navigation, the best mobile apps for Navigation, Traffic, Personal Safety, Vehicle Tracking and Field Workforce & Fleet Management, as well as Software platforms and solutions for Location-based Visualization & Analytics, Telematics, Mapping and Smarter Governance.

MapmyIndia's 750+ strong team has unparalleled expertise and experience in delivering large scale projects which include not just supply of our Advanced Maps, GPS IoT devices, Software & Apps, but also involve bespoke Field Surveys for detailed GIS Landbase Creation, Land and Property Tax Information, Over and Underground Utility Network Mapping, Indoor Map Creation of buildings of importance, as well as customized software application development and hardware-software Systems Integration depending on the needs of Smart City implementers.

Ready-to-use Map Data for Immediate Smart City Implementation

MapmyIndia offers the most comprehensive, exhaustive, wide range of ready-to-use map data solutions built on top of our industry-leading proprietary digital map data set of India, including all our Smart Cities. MapmyIndia's Advanced Maps are a ready-to-use asset for governments and enterprises, enabling them to go 'Smart' instantly. With Advanced Maps, cities, governments and enterprises can benefit from detailed building level maps, with rich set of accurate and comprehensive layers of geospatial information that power a whole host of smart city applications.

Reliable Navigation & Traffic Management for Efficient Driving and Commutes

MapmyIndia's best-in-class GPS navigation solutions offer the most accurate, house-level, full 3D, offline and live-traffic experience, which is unparalleled in detail and the ideal navigation solution for Indian conditions. MapmyIndia is the de-facto navigation engine trusted by all leading automotive companies in India, and through its SDK can be integrated into enterprise workflows for automated dispatch and guidance instrutions to Smart city workers and vehicles. Moreover, MapmyIndia's live traffic feeds and traffic management software solutions allow Smart Cities and their citizens to overcome congestion in the city.


Tracking Solutions for Citizen Safety and Mobile Workforce, Asset & Fleet Management

MapmyIndia's Tracking and Telematics Platform, and associated GPS-based IoT devices and Mobile Apps, empower Smart City Implementers with asset, fleet and field workforce monitoring and management solutions, and also provide local citizens and residents with personal safety and vehicle anti-theft solutions.


Map APIs to enrich apps with Map Visualization, Search and Analytics

MapmyIndia's Map APIs provide easy and powerful integration of maps into any software, app or IoT solution for map display, geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, nearby search etc. We offer both deployment solutions, cloud hosted or in-premise appliance, depending on the app developer's needs. Using MapmyIndia Map APIs, the richest, most powerful and accurate Smart City location-enabled apps can be built.


RealView: View and Analyze any part of a Smart City in 360-degree

MapmyIndia's cutting-edge RealView technology platform combines immersive panoramic survey and processing with highly advanced cameras capable of capturing 360 degree horizontal views from any point. Smart City Implementers can collect data along with inertial GPS & GNSS to be able to geo-tag assets, identify points, measure lengths and calculate areas from the comfort of their office. Make your city instantly smarter by collecting & geo-analyzing field data, surveying areas with ease and integrating data into applications quickly.

Smarty City Mobile Apps & Location-based Software Solutions

Built using the most advanced map data for India, our location based apps & solutions attempt to increase the livability, workability and sustainability of your city. More specifically, we target making your city safer, clearly navigable, more efficient and easier to regulate and manage. Use our powerful apps & solutions to make your city smarter, now!


Field Survey & GIS Data Services Solutions

MapmyIndia offers 20+ years of experience and unparalleled expertise in surveying India and in creating and converting customized GIS data sets for clients through our range of Survey & GIS Data Services.

e-Governance & Citizen Services

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps & 3D Maps
  • Administrative & Postal Address
  • Transport
  • Landcover
  • Landmarks & PoIs
  • Location & Details of Property
  • Platform for Integration of Property Data
  • Property Information System
  • Citizen Online Portals
  • Street Light Management System
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Computer Aided Dispatch for Emergency Response System

Sanitation & Waste Management

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Location of Municipal Garbage Disposal Points
  • Location of Municipal Garbage Dumping Grounds
  • Location of Public Toilets
  • Location of Water Bodies
  • Sewerage and Drainage Network
  • Municipal Waste Collection Solution
  • Traveler Locate E-Toilet Portal
  • Clean City Portal for Citizens & Redressal System
  • Work Force Beat & Track Solution

Water Management

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Location of Water Bodies & Drainage
  • Location of Public Use Water Sources
  • Water Supply Distribution Network
  • Quality of Water
  • Ground Water Details
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Storm water
  • Dashboard for Planning, Management & Monitoring
  • Dashboard Visualizing Water Quality at City Level
  • Portal for Water Connections at Consumer Level

Energy Management

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Energy Supply & Distribution Network
  • Consumer Level Data
  • Energy Consumption
  • Solar Site Location (Operational & Planned)
  • Location of Associated PoIs like Grids, Wind Mills, Thermal Plants Transportation etc.
  • Dynamic Traffic Information for Fuel Conservation
  • Dashboard for Planning, Management & Monitoring
  • Solution for Optimizing Energy
  • Application for Renewable Energy

Urban Mobility

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Transportation Network & Facilities
  • Road Network with Footpath and RoW
  • Dynamic Traffic Information & Heat Maps
  • Location of Parking Area
  • Location of Associated PoIs like Residential Clusters, Commercial Clusters, Tourist Location etc.
  • Dashboard for Planning, Management & Monitoring
  • Multi-Modal Transport Solution
  • Safe Transport & Dispatch Solution
  • Smart Traffic Solution

Others POIs

GIS Data & Maps
  • Premium Base Maps
  • Pollution Data
  • Health Facility & Health Centers
  • Affluence Data
  • Wifi—Hotspot Planning Data
  • Data for Fibre Optic Planning
  • PoIs
  • Portal Showing Location of Health Centres & Facility Provided
  • Solution for Computer aided ambulance Facility
  • Portal Showing City Wide Pollution Level & Demarcation of Sensitive Zones
  • Real Time Visualization of Project Progress & Monitoring Planning

Hot Spot Planning Data
Pollution level GIS Map
Road Network Data