MapmyIndia Releases Maps And Nearby Search To Help Indians Locate Corona Vaccination Centres Across The Country

The government of India’s official vaccination registration website,, integrates MapmyIndia Maps and APIs to deliver this useful nearby vaccine centre search functionality to all

India, 1st March 2021: MapmyIndia, India’s pioneer and leader in digital mapping and advanced location-based and IoT technologies today announced the launch of maps and nearby search features as a part of its mobile application and official website, to help Indians find Coronavirus vaccination centres across the country. The Government of India has also integrated these features into, their official Corona vaccination registration portal to guide the people and connect them to their nearby vaccination centres.

In the fight against COVID, each one of us has a role to play. Since the pandemic entered India, MapmyIndia took upon the task of real-time geospatially mapping all corona related places – testing, treatment and isolation centres as well as containment zones. To make the critical vaccination effort seamless, MapmyIndia has put all the vaccination centres across India on MapmyIndia’s maps. Users can use the MapmyIndia App ( and Maps portal ( to search and find nearby vaccine centres and get directions to them. They can also write reviews and report issues they face there – to help authorities get feedback and take corrective action, where required,” says Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia.

He further adds that “We are additionally so excited and thankful to the Government of India for integrating MapmyIndia’s Maps APIs and technologies into the official corona vaccine registration website and app,, to enable the crores of citizens, who will log in, to be able to find nearby vaccine centres. This represents the best of AtmaNirbhar Bharat – a partnership between the indigenous public and private sector organisations – to leverage world-class, indigenous technologies to enable Ease of Living and enhance efficiencies for the country.”

Steps to find nearby Corona vaccination centres:

  1. Download app or visit or
  2. In the search box, press current location or enter your address or place name or eLoc of interest. eLoc is the 6-character digital address for any place across India, a precise pin code representing the doorstep of any place (more information at
  3. Click search / vaccination centres. You will see the nearest vaccination centres to you or the location of your interest. You can click on Get Directions to further get exact turn by turn directions and real-time navigation (based on live traffic congestion and road safety hazards) to that vaccine centre.

MapmyIndia’s App, powered by MapmyIndia Maps and APIs, was the winner of the AatmaNirbhar App Challenge organised by the Govt of India 6 months ago. MapmyIndia’s app offers far more detailed and accurate maps is privacy-centric, fully indigenous, more localised and respectful of Indian nuances, and is an AatmaNirbhar alternative to foreign map apps that come default in operating systems. MapmyIndia’s app can be downloaded from All website and app developers can participate and further an AatmaNirbhar Bharat by integrating the best Indian maps using MapmyIndia APIs ( so that all end-users see localised maps instead of foreign ones.

Historic reforms in Mapping & Geospatial Sector by the Govt of India


The Government of India announced historic policy reforms in the mapping & geospatial sector to enable an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Sarvottam Bharat in the strategic area of maps & geospatial data.

The new guidelines announced by the government of India will unlock the value of the geospatial sector to all of India & all Indians – consumer, business, government or social sectors – Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi has driven India into a historic, new reformed era – there will be unprecedented value creation for the Indian economy & society. We whole-heartedly & sincerely applaud & thank the Honourable PM and the Government of India on this historic step.

Sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, finance & revenue, logistics, transportation, technology, commerce & many more – which form 70% of India’s GDP will be positively impacted, and the country will see 4-5% GDP growth due to the horizontal, wide-spread, and all-pervasive benefits of geospatial technologies.

MapmyIndia has been building digital maps & advanced geospatial technology products, APIs and solutions for 25 years tirelessly – because of our passion to enable India’s growth. Our 5,000 customers include leading vehicle manufacturers, leading tech companies & app developers, the largest business as well as top government organisations. Indirectly, we empower 20 crore Indians through our maps & tech, all built indigenously, to enable an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Sarvottam Bharat in strategic area of maps & geospatial.

MapmyIndia has built the world’s most advanced digital maps & geospatial technologies – we call it the 4D Digital Map Twin of the Real World. This is a 3-dimensional map of the world, which updates live (time being the 4th dimension) – for the outdoor AND the indoor.

Our 4D Digital Map Twin is in High-Definition, giving maps which are extremely accurate and precise, of the outdoors, of the roads, of buildings and of the indoors. These are advanced maps built by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, LiDAR, cameras, computer vision.

The incredible benefits of MapmyIndia’s 4D Digital Map Twin – across Advanced Navigation & Driving Assistance Systems for vehicles, simulations at city & country scale for planning & analytics, last metre doorstep level deliveries at any floor in multi-floor buildings – are huge!

One example benefit of our 4D Digital Map Twin – is the nation’s first digital address system & unique location identity – eLoc – a 6 character unique code to EVERY place & object – a mud hut or a big villa, or even any public infrastructure item ( Now exactly identifying the location, getting directions to the exact doorstep, and using this as a unique ID to ensure civic services are delivered and covering all beneficiaries are all possible using MapmyIndia eLoc.

eLoc, and our 4D Digital Map Twin, is easily usable through MapmyIndia’s free Map Portal ( and MapmyIndia Move App ( We’re also collaborating closely with ISRO to take this to the next level by integrating with their huge catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data. MapmyIndia’s APIs ( will be used by ISRO and can be used by all app developers, businesses and government organisations. Many are already using MapmyIndia’s maps, apps and APIs – but with this reform, that will explode.

We thank them for their untiring faith in us, and look forward to serving all Indians.

To learn more – visit

ISRO and MapmyIndia announce partnership to offer India’s best, and completely indigenous, mapping portals, apps, and geospatial software

• Path-breaking milestone in India’s journey towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat, wherein Indian users would not be dependent on foreign organisations for maps, navigation, and geospatial services, and leverage made in India solutions instead

• Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia, the pre-eminent indigenous, local organisations in maps and geospatial technologies together provide end to end solution which is world-class and better for India compared to foreign mapping apps and geospatial software

February 12, 2021, New Delhi/Bangalore: Today, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and MapmyIndia announced a path-breaking Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative to partner together to offer India’s best, and fully indigenous, mapping portal and geospatial services by combining the power of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and technologies with ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

Through the combined partnership with ISRO, MapmyIndia’s end user maps, apps and services will now integrate with ISRO’s huge catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data, and would be a much better, more detailed and comprehensive, as well as privacy-centric, hyper local and indigenous mapping solution for Indians, compared to foreign map apps and solutions. Users will be able to see in MapmyIndia’s maps, navigation, and geospatial services, all of India from a bird’s eye point of view, and also benefit hugely from the various map-based analytics and insights about weather, pollution, agricultural output, land use changes, flood and landslide disasters, etc. This will become the most comprehensive and useful maps, navigation, and geospatial service for India. MapmyIndia’s maps and APIs will enrich ISRO’s geoportals, empowering Indian scientists, academia, researchers, and government organisations with the best of India’s satellite imagery, earth observation data, and digital map data, and advanced geospatial technologies, all combined together in a fully indigenous Aatmanirbhar ISRO-MapmyIndia platform.

Commenting on the occasion, Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia said, “This is a special moment for us at MapmyIndia. For 25 years, we’ve persisted, despite many odds, because of our passion for India, for maps & technology, and our never-ending desire to positively impact society through business. This partnership with ISRO heralds new dawn of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in the strategic area of maps and geospatial technologies. I’d like to thank first and foremost our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji, for his clarion call for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Vocal for Local and for him personally driving reforms in space and mapping sectors. I’d also like to especially thank ISRO Chairman, Dr. K. Sivan and ISRO Scientific Secretary, Shri R Umamaheshwaran and the entire ISRO team for guiding us and facilitating such an amazing partnership. I’m committed to seeing all Indians benefit from the good work we’ve done at MapmyIndia over the last 25 years, and helping accelerate India’s rise as the most advanced country in the world through the full power of our maps and geospatial technologies, all developed indigenously in India, for India, and in future, for the world.”

There are many reasons why Indians are better off with an indigenous solution for maps and geospatial services. MapmyIndia, being a responsible, local, Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per the Government of India, and hosts its maps in India. MapmyIndia pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995, far before any foreign organisation, and for the last 25+ years has created India’s most comprehensive, accurate, detailed, feature-rich, and continuously updated digital map data product. MapmyIndia’s maps cover all 7.5 lakh villages, 7500+ cities at street and building-level, connected by all 63 lakh kilometers of road network pan India and within cities, in total providing maps for an unparalleled 3+ crore places across India. This is by far the most exhaustive digital map database of the country, created entirely indigenously using world-class, state-of-the-art mapping technology over the last 25 years, far before any foreign organisation started offering maps for India. Similarly, ISRO is India’s crown jewel when it comes to space and satellite technologies. It has pioneered so many advances when it comes to the frontiers of space and has an enormous catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation for all of India, that it generates and publishes through its constellation of satellites. ISRO is more responsive to the satellite imagery needs of Indians, especially during times of crisis and disaster.

Foreign mapping solutions come with a lot of hidden costs. For e.g., foreign search engines and companies claim to offer “free” maps, but in reality, they make money by targeting the same users with advertising based on invading user privacy and auctioning those users’ private location and movement data. This should be very alarming to all citizens. On the other hand, MapmyIndia has an ethical point of view against advertising led business models of such companies, and hence, does not have an advertising business model. By using MapmyIndia maps and applications instead of the foreign map apps, users can better protect their privacy.

MapmyIndia instead has built a strong, sustainable business based on delivering world-class, positively impactful, and valuable digital map data products, navigation solutions, mapping APIs, automotive technology platforms, geospatial analytics, and GIS solutions, IoT and telematics products, big data, and AI solutions, enterprise software (SaaS) / platforms (PaaS), and full-stack digital automotive, business and government technology solutions to enterprises and app developers, and GPS gadgets and apps for consumers.

This sustainable and direct, clean business model ensures that MapmyIndia’s maps and apps can be kept free of cost as well as free of ads for users. 5000 leading enterprise customers, including automotive companies, government organisations, businesses across industry verticals and app developers, leverage MapmyIndia’s maps and advanced technologies, collectively empowering over 20 crore Indians indirectly, validating the quality and capability of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and advanced technology products, in spite of facing competition from foreign, big-tech giants.

To learn more, visit and

About MapmyIndia (CE Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.)
MapmyIndia is India’s leading digital mapping & location-based deep-tech company, a 100% make in India organisation and winner of the Government of India’s Aatma Nirbhar App Innovation Challenge 2020. MapmyIndia pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995, and since then has built India’s most comprehensive, accurate and feature-rich digital map data set down to address and urban building level detail pan India, covering all villages across India, and the entire road network of the country.

MapmyIndia has also built a whole suite of location-based technologies, applications, APIs, IoT solutions and has capabilities across the map APIs, navigation solutions, tracking systems, IoT & Telematics solutions, GIS and geo-spatial analytics solutions, big data, AI/ML, computer vision, cloud computing, edge computing, consumer apps and enterprise SaaS, and IoT devices and gadgets that it delivers to individuals, government organisations, businesses, automotive companies and app developers. With its vast experience and expertise, MapmyIndia provides platforms and solutions for citizens, residents and local, state and central government authorities towards Smart Cities, Digital Door Number Address Systems, Urban Planning, Urban Transportation & Mobility, Emergency Response, Road Safety, Smart Governance, Swacch Bharat, Grievance reddressal, Traffic Management etc.

Swachh Bharat – Mark every clean and unclean place on the map – Make India clean!

This Gandhi Jayanti, let’s contribute and support in making India cleaner. On this day, we are extremely proud to share you can actively join & spread Swachh Bharat Mission by reporting places that are clean, not clean, & that you have cleaned on the MapmyIndia Super app ( and maps (

How you can participate:
1. Download MapmyIndia Move App on Android & iOS or open in your browser

2. Open the app, from the home screen, swipe up to open the Quick Access Menu or click on + icon the map on the web portal

3. Tap on Report an Issue Category on the app

4. Now, select Swachh Bharat Category on the app or on the web portal

5. Report places that are clean/not clean/and those you have cleaned.

6. Share and tag 5 friends to do the same on social media

7. Use the hashtag #GandagiMuktBharat

8. Tag MapmyIndia official handle@MapmyIndia
* The post that generates 50+ likes or retweets with the link will be eligible for the prize.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

So, let’s step up in support of Swachh Bharat Mission and help mark places on MapmyIndia maps and super app.

Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanti 2020.

MapmyIndia Move app wins AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Challenge

Voting by the public to help create momentum for the winning apps is open till Saturday, 15th August.

We are happy to share that MapmyIndia Move app has been selected as #1 in the prestigious Digital India AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge!

Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Aatmanirbhar Bharat

MapmyIndia Move is India’s super app for maps, mobility, safety, hyperlocal social discovery & more that comes built-in with India’s most detailed, accurate, comprehensive, continuously updated, and feature-rich maps from MapmyIndia. MapmyIndia Move app offers, in one app itself, features such as live traffic and safety based navigation, GPS tracking and safety monitoring of vehicles and loved ones, the revolutionary 6-character code eLoc which simplifies complex address search and enables precise door-step navigation, as well as community reporting of hyperlocal issues and personalised maps and real-time location-based feeds of what’s happening nearby through World View.

24 FINALISTS across 9 categories were selected from amongst 6940 entries received from across India. In MapmyIndia’s category, there were 1200 apps out of which MapmyIndia was given the 1st prize! Some of the other winners included prestigious apps from Zoho. This is an initiative of the Niti Aayog & MeitY, GOI as part of the flagship Atal Innovation Mission.
You can see the announcement of MapmyIndia as the winner in this video (skip to 9:41): httpss://


You can see our MapmyIndia Move app presentation at httpss://


We are very thankful for all the support, and request you to explore and use MapmyIndia Move for all the various features and benefits it gives, and encourage others as well!


Voting by the public to help create momentum for the winning apps is on till 15th August.

To vote for MapmyIndia, please visit the link: httpss://, scroll down to OTHERS and OVERALL categories, select MapmyIndia Move in both.

You will have to register on MyGov – it takes just 30 sec! Spread the word. You can also see the leading apps by votes here.

Learn more about the MapmyIndia Move app at