Ease of Android with performance of MapmyIndia navigation solutions!

MapmyIndia Navigation solutions use the standardized Android libraries to provide exceptional performance and are capable enough to integrate with client IVI’s custom Android libraries to provide a thoroughly integrated solution.

Currently, MapmyIndia’s latest navigation solution on Android: NaviMaps is compatible to all implementations above API level 15 (Android 4.0.3). A significant advantage of MapmyIndia’s navigation solutions on Android is their ability to communicate seamlessly with third party Apps using their own APIs which are available to other Android application developers who wish to control or extract information from MapmyIndia navigation solutions.

MapmyIndia Navigation solutions for Android supports various operation modes and industry standards. The solutions provide UI with high-quality graphics using Android's native support for OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics.

With Android, MapmyIndia navigation solutions also offer highly customizable GUI, easily customizable for various HMI and various car models.

Android's natively supported Google TTS engine can also be leveraged to provide exceptional text-to-speech voice guidance performance in Indian English.

Navigation Screens

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