Unified map & data platform for web services

Accurate and authentic GIS Maps are the best way to visualize or analyse any information related to distribution network, sales, distribution, planning & marketing. Augmenting the map with significant information adds colossal value to the study of any geography for various GIS and non-GIS analysis.

Mapmyindia web services platform gives the ability to add location element to your application with the necessary geospatial information, where the user can add rich, interactive geo visualizations on their applications for customers to build upon their existing implementation.

Incorporating maps into your analysis, reports and applications

  • Enables data selection, visualization, queries & styling with rich base map available at various level of granularity
  • Build maps quickly and easily without coordinates, using country, pin codes or simply place names
  • Drill and analyze different type of map layers such as districts, pincode, villages, city etc at Pan India level or restricted to limited bound /Area of interest
  • Allows user to set their own styling parameters such as label color scheme, geometry color schemes, opacity, width, stroke etc.
  • Allows to create rich thematic visuals using combination of value ranges
  • OGC compliant and supports Open Layers, Leaflet etc.
  • Provide methods to determine places and their relation
  • Find high values (hot spots) and low values (cold spots) in your data. (Heat Map/Interpolation)
  • Basic Geoprocessing and analytics on user.s data





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Geospatial Data offerings

To address the diverse business requirement and satisfy adhoc business needs, the information on datasets is grouped into following

  • Basic Attributes - Census
  • Premium attributes - Affluence & socio-economic data
  • Vehicle Population
Know more on data attributes of our Geospatial Web Services