Best-selling navigation in India on WinCE platform → Plug & Play solutions!

We put a lot of thought and effort into making great navigation solutions, and the outcome was that the users recognized them as the impressive solutions that they are. WinCE OS platform developed by Microsoft is a reliable work-horse that still powers some of the most popular IVI platforms more than a decade after its launch. The foundation of this great trust that developers of IVI system place in this platform lies in its standardized SDK & APIs.

The support of WinCE based navigation solutions is also the foundation on which MapmyIndia started providing their navigation solutions. MapmyIndia has a decade of experience of providing navigation solutions on this platform and offer the widest variety of navigation engines each catering to a particular set of system requirements.

MapmyIndia also now offers its latest navigation engine: NaviMaps to WinCE systems which offer OpenGL based graphics acceleration. This high-end engine uses the latest in rendering technologies to power a completely 3D city models with terrain view (DEM).

Embedded navigation at its best!

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