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The Ultimate LiDAR-Based Intrusion Detection Solution

Fence Guard is the most complete and intelligent 3D perimeter fencing and intrusion detection system. This security technology enables detection of human-sized objects in 3D and in real-time, over both small and large spaces. The system can track objects and report on size, orientation and speed.

Fence Guard can work both indoors and outdoors and in any weather or lighting conditions, with fewer false alarms, and adds a reliable virtual fence that will substantially reinforce perimeter security for critical infrastructure. Fence Guard is designed to integrate into existing security infrastructure with the capability of reporting the position of humans to an existing system, which can sound alarms and control cameras to focus on subjects, if required.

MapmyIndia's IoT Platform InTouch is the backbone for Fence Guard. The software uses sophisticated human perception algorithms to track people for safety and security in crowded environments at ranges exceeding 100 meters when used with LiDAR sensors.

This combination of hardware and software creates an integrated solution for any advanced security application and enables the reduction of equipment and labor costs.


Critical Infrastructure Security

Parked Aircraft Security

Oil Refineries and Industrial Perimeter Security

Prison Perimeter Security

Armoury Protection

Maritime and Harbor Security


Moving objects are detected and measured. Objects can be classified in terms of orientation, position, scale, velocity and zone. The ground and immovable objects, such as buildings, are filtered out. Objects can also be classified as moving or stationary.

Object movement can be tracked in real-time. Objects are persistent through occlusions and crowd groups.

Computer systems using local Ethernet can access the object data.

Users can define secure zones. If objects are detected in a zone, Fence Guard creates events that can directly control internet alarms and cameras

Multiple LiDARs can be used in conjunction to provide better range and coverage.