What is WorkMate?

WorkMate is the easiest solution if you need to track your field workforce. It is a Software as a Service product which provides you with both web as well as mobile interface customizable with your company’s branding for workforce management.

WorkMate provides a unique layer of spatial intelligence to field service management software. Now see the work of your field employees overlayed on a map and get visual insights on your company’s operations. Understand where your company and field staff are seeing success, and analyze where you need to fill the gaps of your field effort.

For field employees, WorkMate will make their operations exponentially easier. From easy check ins, to address detection and step-by-step driving directions, WorkMate improves employee efficiency even when there is no network available!

Why should you use WorkMate?

Rural proof!

The app works completely offline. So rest assured, your work will be safe even if you lose connectivity. The moment you get GPRS or WiFi connectivity again, all your work will sync with the server.

Most accurate house-number level Map Data for India

WorkMate uses MapmyIndia’s Map Data, which provides the most accurate set of verified map data points for India down to a house-number level. Let your workforce work with ease and efficiency using our map data to get directions to their next meeting, or deliver consignments, etc.

Ease of Use

There is no requirement on the type of phone or connection required. It is a workforce management tool completely compliant with BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) policies, whereby it will work on any type of phone. There is no specific hardware and you don’t require any special enterprise software in order to use it.

On Demand Usage

No training or subject matter expert required. WorkMate is an extremely intuitive field service management application. Just download it from the play store and start immediately!

Addresses Privacy Concerns

WorkMate monitors your location during your Work Hours! Just mark your Work start time and finish time and let WorkMate monitor you between these times only.


Pay as you go for any increases in your workforce. Save time and be more efficient through WorkMate. Simply increase your licenses in the app and per user per month, and continue your field staff management. No monthly or yearly contracts!

Branded for your company

WorkMate is a white labeled app. This means that the display and branding is completely customizable to your company!

WorkMate is a field service management software that can be used across industry verticals



Delivery & Distribution


Public Sector

Communication & Utilities

Features of WorkMate

  • Create Partners/ Customers/ Visit Locations
  • View Partners/ Customers/ Visit Locations
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Check In for Capturing Meetings with Pictures/ Remarks
  • Meeting monitoring
  • Step-by-Step driving directions to your Partners/ Customers/ Visit Locations
  • Easy Dispatch & Decision Making - Holistic views of your customers and executives on the Map
  • Reports