Complex and optimized delivery routes ready in minutes

Get - Set - Go

3-Step methodology to get rid of cumbersome planning of how to manage deliveries, when and which vehicle to send, how and where to send. Simply upload the template with data, select vehicles and optimize. Bingo!

Within couple of seconds you will get your optimized route, Ready to dispatch the deliveries

Route Planner
Driving Directions

Why you should use RouteNet:

  • If you have good number of customers including both regular or dynamic addresses
  • You want improvement in your conventional routes
  • You want to save up to 30% on logistics in business
  • Time values for you i.e. using precious time for some productive innovations or getting more sales rather than meetingwith deliverystaff and explaining the routes to follow for delivery
  • You want your customer satisfaction at highest priority and want to focus if vehicles and manpower are using efficient

Efficient: within few minutes you are ready with the stuff

Large fleet based organizations provide satisfactory services to millions of customers annually which cannot be achieve without proper, scientific planning algorithm. RouteNet can cut huge time of tedious planning and save upto 25% of driving distances

save time while driving

Be one step ahead from market leaders

Conventional Routes are based on:

  • local knowledge
  • Intuitive belief, and
  • assumptions


  • Wastage of time while driving around town
  • Money wasted on fuel, tolls
  • Additional vehicles, manpower
  • Monotonous planning of delivery routes even with slight change

Optimized routes based on

  • India’s best navigational map which are continuously updated
  • Award winning scientific routing algorithm based on
    Location i.e. Geographic coordinates, Distance, time, Speed, Traffic restrictions and Defined constraints (like time window of delivery, preference of customer delivery, service time of delivery etc.)


  • Save time while driving and more time for selling
  • Monetary profits, more value for business
  • Exactly what manpower is required
  • Free from assumptions of route creation for delivery. Visualize routes, manage cargo & orders. Be competent, effective and profitable.
Logistics Business

Who can use

Any Professionals or Businesses related to Supply chain, distribution, logistics

  • E-commerce Companies
  • Food & Beverage Companies
  • Dairy Companies
  • Healthcare and Medical Companies
  • Paper Distribution Companies 6. Wine & Spirits Companies
  • Fuel Companies
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Industries …..

When to use

Flexible to use

  • As per business requirement
  • Business Schedule based
  • Dynamic or Static
  • Time-slot based:on-Demand, daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly, seasonally…
Business Schedule

Dealing with large number of customers?

No problem. Servicing any customer (new/ existing) is now no longer a challenge.

No problem. Servicing any customer (new/ existing) is now no longer a challenge. Key to business is customers especially enrolling new customers and retaining regular ones. But, addition of customers means level of service availability goes exponentially. To trick down these hassles, RouteNet helps to supports to create optimized route plan within couple of minutes for improved customer satisfaction, cut down your logistic/ operational costs.

Routing can be for single facility or multiple facility business like: One or more depots, multiple vehicles, service time window based or ambient time bases.

Improve customer satisfaction
SaaS model application


  • RouteNet is cloud-based, SaaS model application.
  • No expensive hardware to purchase or install
  • Just regular computer or laptop with internet connection is required. …