Municipal Garbage Collection

Waste collection and disposal is one of the critical factors that contributes to the livability and sustainability of a locality. For years, municipalities have chosen to hire collection and disposal vehicles against having their own fleet to economize operations. However, the problem they face is that in these hired vehicles, they find it hard to track if the waste collection and disposal is being carried out as per the plan.

To help overcome this problem, MapmyIndia’s innovation solution includes cutting­edge technologies such as wireless networks, highly sophisticated devices and feature­rich application software.



    • Biometric Attendance

    • Fleet Monitoring of Garbage Trucks

Hardware Components

Software Components


  • Increase operational efficiency of solid waste management
  • Tracking & Monitoring employee visits to collection areas
  • Tracking & Monitoring garbage trucks to collection areas
  • Interactive map visualization showing waste collection
  • Real-time dashboard for quick planning & management
  • Contribute to smart cities with clean and hygienic environment

Industry verticals

  • Municipal Authorities
  • Agencies executing municipal solid waste management