Meet MapmyIndia, the ‘Desi Google Map’

afaqs spoke to Rohan Verma, executive director and chief technology officer, MapmyIndia, about the brand’s recent TV outing and more.

afaqs talks about MapmyIndia’s #HarPataHumeinHaiPata tv ad & growth of the company:

MapmyIndia, the map data, APIs, GPS Navigation, tracking, location apps and GIS solutions provider, that has maintained a low profile on the ad-marketing front so far, is in the news for its recent mass market push – a 360-degree campaign, ‘har pata humein hai pata’.
Founded in 1992, the New-Delhi headquartered company, claims to have built the largest, most accurate and comprehensive map database for India. Today, it boasts over 5000 enterprise partners, including government organisations. But Rohan Verma, executive director and chief technology officer, MapmyIndia, informs us that this campaign is targeted at both individuals and enterprises.

Desi Google Map

MapmyIndia, the Desi Google Map

A Standford graduate, Verma, who worked on creating India’s first interactive mapping portal, in 2004 (thus founding brand ‘MapmyIndia’), says, “This is our first mass market campaign in a decade through which we want to address all stakeholders who can benefit from us.” The objective is to create more awareness and get consumers to try the brand’s services.

To give us an idea of the insight behind the campaign, he briefly runs us through the history of the company which began almost 25 years back with the vision of his parents, Rakesh Verma and Rashmi Verma. The two, even in the 90s, firmly believed that someday, 80 percent of data will have a location component to it. While this may be a reality today, back then it was dismissed as a pipe dream.

Naysayers didn’t give up even as late as 2004 when was launched or 2007, when the company launched the first all-India GPS navigator. While they had their doubts about who would use/pay for maps in India, today, with as many as 14 car manufacturers including the likes of BMW and Jaguar and 40 car models, 80 percent of all cars with built-in navigation use MapmyIndia.

The pointer here, insists Verma, is to the fact that although Indians are easy going and accommodating people habituated to all things ‘good enough’, this accommodating behaviour is mainly because of lack of better, or perhaps, the best option. “Experience tells us that whenever consumers were given better services/value, they did adopt change. Hence, our campaign seeks to incite and inspire Indians to think of a better India,” he states.

Much like this conversation throughout which Verma wittingly abstained from naming the ‘good enough solution’, which obviously is Google Maps, the campaign positions MapmyIndia as the best maps and navigation service without taking a negative approach to competition.

Though cognizant of the ubiquity and clout of Google Maps, especially among individuals, he believes that MapmyIndia’s India-specific and professionally created content will continue to have an edge over Google’s user-generated content which lacks accuracy and granularity. And articulating this exact difference or advantage is the campaign tagline, ‘not just roads, we take you to doors’.

Last month, MapmyIndia also announced the release of MapmyIndia eLoc, a nation-wide digital address which is basically a precise and ready-to-use unique 6-character code for any address across India. The company has privately invested close to 200 crores in the last 20 plus years in advanced mapping technologies and professional field surveys to create this digital address database, as a result of which over 2 crore and counting eLocs across 7000 plus urban towns and 6 lakh plus villages in rural India are already available for individual, business and government users to use instantly, for free.

Sharing MapmyIndia’s vision for eLoc, Verma says, “eLoc can have an impact as transformational on India as Aadhaar; what Aadhaar is to people, eLoc is to addresses. Essentially, with eLoC we are democratising and giving rights to every location in India, be it a big bungalow in a city or a small hut somewhere in rural India. The way Aadhaar talks of the India Stack which is a set of APIs anyone can integrate for payments or financial verification, MapmyIndia Stack allows public and private sector developers to build apps around verified places/locations.”

The company also offers location ad-tech services to agencies and advertisers to facilitate planning and decision making. While there’s no in-app advertising, MapmyIndia helps marketers with geodemographic analysis and similar location-based data classified on as many as 5000 different parameters.

Recently MapmyIndia also partnered with LetsVenture – a startup funding platform – to encourage startups and developers in India to leverage the company’s map and location technology stack to solve problems for Indian and global markets, and to get the opportunity to pitch for investments from leading angels and institutions that are part of the LetsVenture platform.

Announcing the partnership through a LinkedIn article, ‘How the Indian startup story will survive, and thrive!’, Verma insisted that the ‘Indian Startup Story’ will not just survive despite the headwinds but will also flourish, if only the “ecosystem realises that it has to understand and respect India for what it is, build businesses and guide portfolio companies following the Indian way.”

Giving the MapmyIndia example of what this can achieve for businesses, the article contends, this is what we’ve done at MapmyIndia for the last 20 plus years. Which is why we’ve never been unprofitable in our history. Which is why we’ve seen 40 percent CAGR over the last 10 years, why we have very healthy and positive, strong double digit, profit after taxes. Why we have 5000 plus enterprise customers, 10,000 developers building on the MapmyIndia Stack, 10 million users and customers, and why we have 80 percent value share (in rupees) of the location intelligence market in India, our home and sole market. And which is why 2 years ago our company was valued at a quarter billion dollars, and since which we have grown 80 percent on all metrics already.

Verma says that although it is a 20-25 year-old-company, MapmyIndia is a fast-growing business at the cutting edge of technology. “It’s an odd mix of being an existing large enterprise with one that innovates like a Silicon Valley company. We talk of maps that can power self-driving cars, of smart cities and states and smart businesses. There are around 1.3 billion people in India and 50 lakh businesses. Currently at 5000 enterprise customers, there’s still room for 100X growth for us! We are making efforts to get there and one part of this is using media.” he states.

MapmyIndia and LetsVenture partner to encourage startups with best-in-class maps and location technologies and financial investments

MapmyIndia and LetsVenture partner to encourage startups with best-in-class maps and location technologies and financial investments

• Under MapmyIndia’s AppmyIndia program, startups and developers leverage MapmyIndia’s best-in-class stack of maps and location technologies and ready reach to 5000+ enterprise customers and 10 million consumer base

• Get angel and institutional financial investment opportunities through LetsVenture startup funding platform

• Partnership focused on 4 themes – smarter cars, businesses, governance and consumers – covering market spaces such as better AI, autonomous vehicles, governance, public safety and security, public health, climate change, location-based services and mapping technologies, IoT devices, enterprise SaaS, and consumer apps

Bengaluru, March 16, 2017: MapmyIndia, India’s leader in digital maps and location technologies, and LetsVenture, India’s largest startup funding platform, today announced their partnership to encourage startups and developers in India to leverage MapmyIndia’s map and location technology stack to solve problems for Indian and global markets, and to get the opportunity to pitch for investments from leading angels and institutions that are part of the LetsVenture platform. This was announced on the sidelines of LetsIgnite, India’s largest angel investor conference being held in Bengaluru.

Enterprises, startups and developers can develop the best solutions and build the most profitable and impactful enterprises by infusing rich and valuable location intelligence from the MapmyIndia Stack into their own apps, IoT devices, solutions, systems and workflows by integrating. The MapmyIndia Stack is India’s best and most powerful set of digital map data, APIs, professional services and customized solutions covering maps, navigation, tracking and location analytics and includes the latest innovations from MapmyIndia such as eLoc, India’s first nation-wide digital address system which is essentially a 6 character code for every doorstep/place across India.

As part of this latest partnership, LetsVenture will support shortlisted AppmyIndia developers and startups building on the MapmyIndia Stack to showcase their products to global investment community. LetsVenture will also provide pitch review for the shortlisted start-ups that are ready to raise funding and work with them during the deal syndication process. This partnership will accelerate MapmyIndia’s goal of empowering the entire Indian startup ecosystem through its AppmyIndia platform, wherein developers & startups can get access to MapmyIndia’s API and solution stack to make powerful apps, submit innovative & radical ideas, evangelize location technology through creative ads, and submit research proposals for prizes up to Rs. 10 lacs, as well as go-to-market support for key enterprise engagements and mass consumer distribution. (To know more & participate, please visit

The AppmyIndia developer community is already 10,000 strong. Increasing numbers of startups, developers and technology companies and public sector are building powerful apps, IoT devices, SaaS solutions and enterprise systems which have real world transformational impact, are better in quality and capability, and which result in much better profitability, due to the accuracy, detail, comprehensiveness and quality of MapmyIndia’s stack of
maps and location technologies. This stack has been built over 20 years, through 750 mapping and surveying experts, by deploying Rs 200 crore of capital investments, and using cutting-edge equipment and technologies. (Read more about the MapmyIndia Stack of APIs at and solutions at

Core to the MapmyIndia Stack and what will drive the next set of transformational innovations for a Digital India is eLoc, India’s first nationwide digital address system, which has transformational potential in the private and public sectorak in to Aadhaar and the India Stack. The simple and powerful 6 character eLoc code (e.g. for every doorstep enables seamless and efficient doorstep navigation, deliveries, dropoffs/pickups, and household level e-governance never before seen or possible in India or the world leading to better and smarter businesses, governments, consumers and cars/computing devices. MapmyIndia has professionally mapped 2 crore+ eLocs and this number is growing fast, so users can simply get and start using/enjoying benefits of their eLoc by searching their address/business/name of place at Developers, startups and organisations can integrate eLoc into their address input flows and the MapmyIndia Stack for all their map and location needs by following the instructions at

“India and the startup ecosystem is at an inflection point. Poised for significant growth in the coming decade, but facing the growing pains of a young nation as well as fledgling startup and venture ecosystem. Without strong technology, marketing, capital and ecosystem investments, the promise of India and the startup ecosystem may not reach its full potential. We really believe that high quality maps and location technologies are an integral part of the digital and IT foundation which drives profitability, growth and success of all major enterprises in the automotive industry as well as across all public and private sector organization, because of the direct impact maps play in logistics,delivery, and supply chain efficiency and capabilities as well as on all aspects of intelligent location data driven decision support in enterprises, by enabling smarter governance and civic and emergency service delivery down to every household spread geographically across urban and rural India,delightful hyper local consumer apps, and of course in enabling autonomous navigation and vehicle safety solutions for the fast approaching smart, self-driving car revolution. MapmyIndia is uniquely positioned to support the entire ecosystem directly through its products and solutions and indirectly through our developer platform, AppmyIndia, thanks to our 20 years of pioneering and visionary efforts and Rs 200+ crore of investments in building the largest and best technology stack and digital map database intellectual property. Through our AppmyIndia program, we are encouraging tens of thousands of startups and developers to leverage our API and product/platform stack to build the best solutions to transform India, and are offering the first group of winners, cash prizes up to Rs 10 lakhs. Thanks to this LetsVenture partnership, the best AppmyIndia developers and startups now and in future will have opportunities to receive financial investments to help grow their business. In this way, we sincerely hope to empower the entire ecosystem with best in class technology, marketing and capital, to help leapfrog India to the forefront of the digital world, and to make life better for all Indians,” said Rohan Verma, Executive Director and CTO of MapmyIndia.

“At LetsVenture, our vision has been to make the fundraising process democratic, transparent and efficient. At the same time we strongly believe that funding is a milestone and not the goal. From that perspective, MapmyIndia’s AppmyIndia program is in perfect alignment as jointly we will be able to have a much larger impact by enabling entrepreneurs to use the right tools to solve problems, build business and also complete their funding.” said Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, VP – Investor Relations.

About MapmyIndia (Website:, eLoc:
MapmyIndia’s mission is to make the world better through maps and location technologies. Founded in 1992, MapmyIndia is India’s leader in premium quality digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, tracking, location apps, and GIS solutions.

Headquartered in New Delhi with offices across India, MapmyIndia is an ISO 9001-2012 company with 750+ people that pioneered digital mapping in India. Since 1995, through continuous efforts of its 400+ professional field surveyors and state-of-the-art mapping technology and its own private investment of Rs 200+ crore into cutting technologies and professional map building processes, which includes its revolutionary RealView service that captures, analyses and publishes the world in 3D and 360-degree photo-realistic clarity, MapmyIndia has built its proprietary MapmyIndia Maps, the most comprehensive, accurate, reliable, full-featured, professionally created and continuously updated digital map data set IP for all India, including the game-changing eLoc digital address innovation, a 6 character code for every doorstep across India, which are used for a wide range of applications including Navigation, Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Geographic Information Systems, Location Based Services and Smart Cities. MapmyIndia powers 5000+ enterprises, 80% of car with in-built navigation in India run on MapmyIndia, 10,000+ developers build on the MapmyIndia stack, and MapmyIndia has successfully served over 10 million individual end users and customers.

MapmyIndia makes not just the most advanced, accurate and detailed maps of India, but also the best GPS-based IoT (“Internet of Things”) devices optimized for use in vehicle, asset and personal navigation and tracking, market-leading location-based enterprise SaaS (“Software as a Service”), popular and delightful hyper-local mobile and web consumer apps, including, India’s very first and most detailed, accurate and comprehensive interactive online mapping portal, and NaviMaps, the best offline GPS navigation app for India. Enterprises, startups and developers can infuse rich and valuable location intelligence into their own apps, IoT devices, solutions, systems and workflows by integrating with the MapmyIndia Stack, which is India’s best and most powerful set of data, APIs, professional services and customized solutions covering maps, navigation, tracking and location analytics. MapmyIndia’s developer platform, AppmyIndia (, already powers tens of thousands of developers, startups and technology deployments by marquee public and private sector enterprises across 4 themes – Smart Cars, Smart Businesses, Smart Governments, and Smart Consumers – and is focused on enabling the entire ecosystem to transform India and leapfrog it to the forefront of the digital world.

About LetsVenture
LetsVenture is India’s largest startup funding platform. Founded in late 2013, LetsVenture is the most trusted platform for startups to create their investment ready profile, and connect to global, accredited investors for fundraising. Today 12000+ startups, 2000+ angel investors, and 260+ institutional investors from 23 countries are interacting on the platform. 108 startups have closed rounds on LetsVenture with total deal size at $40M+

The Hindu covers MapmyIndia’s eLoc

The Hindu writes about MapmyIndia’s eLoc – A digital Address System that replaces the postal address with a unique, verified, six-character  code. B Pradeep Nair has written how MapmyIndia eLoc makes complex addresses have a unique eLoc. Places even inside a building, inside a campus or a flat in an apartment complex can have a unique eLoc. People will be able to navigate right up to the doorstep and navigation becomes easier for e-commerce, logistics and transportation companies. They precious resources like fuel & time to optimize operations.

Read more here- The Hindu

eLoc by MapmyIndia is a game-changing location innovation for a Digital India!

Folks, tell me if you’ve ever been hassled by these…

– searching and navigating to an exact house number/door number using the standard maps app on your Android/iOS mobile

– your Ola and Uber arrives behind/100m away from your home/office to pick u making u walk a distance to get in

– the taxi/ecomm delivery guy keeps calling you to ask exact location and directions to your house’s doorstep

At MapmyIndia, we are releasing an innovative, simple yet powerful, solution to all these woes: we call it eLoc and it is India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address System.

eLoc is simply digital address, wherein an easy to remember, short, unique 6 character code is all you need to remember/type/provide and search/navigate/discover a destination place, down to a specific door number/flat/building. We have released over 2 crore (20 million) eLocs across the length and breadth of rural and urban India, the most by anyone, and will aggressively update and add new eLocs as new places come up and as the few missing places from our database are reported, especially with the help of the community.

We hope to deliver immense benefits to consumers, businesses and governments through eLoc and collaborate/with/share our eLoc APIs and apps with a thriving app developer and enterprise/govt ecosystem to leverage our 20+ years investment in building this out for the benefit of all Indians and India. So reach out to us to partner!

You can read more at, and the next time you want to visit our office, simply search MMI000 or type :)

Would love to know all your thoughts and appreciate your help in spreading the world. Check your eloc and start using/sharing with folks, and if the place is missing please add it to instantly get your user generated eLoc. Do all this in the browser at or download our Android/iOS/Windows apps from

Lastly, think of all the possibilities and implications of this innovation. How do you think this can help all Indians and India? Thanks for reading, trying and sharing thoughts and spreading the word!

Businessworld covers MapmyIndia’s eLoc – India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address System

Businessworld covers MapmyIndia’s eLoc – India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address System. The Journalist talks about how eLoc makes individual commuter’s and travelers’ lives much easier through quick and precise navigation to a destination, enhances field delivery/visit capabilities and profitability of businesses across e-commerce, transportation, and logistics-heavy sectors, and brings productivity and transparency to government services, delivery and taxation at a property level. Visit:

With over 200+ crore rupees of private investment into advanced mapping technology, extensive field data survey, and private-private and public-private ecosystem building, MapmyIndia has helped India leap frog in digital world with advanced location solutions.
Get your eLoc today by searching for an address at

If you cannot find it, follow these easy steps to create your eLoc today!

Easy steps to create your eLoc today!

Easy steps to create your eLoc today!