Why MapmyIndia Fleet?

India's most advanced and comprehensive Vehicle/Asset Tracking and Fleet management Platform!

Capturing rich data on live vehicle position, speed, fuel usage, idling, and much more, our GPS fleet management solutions help to optimize fleet with high-performance technology that's scalable, flexible, and can be customized to suit your exact business needs. The Real time Telematics & Cognitive logistics optimization leads to automated delivery, route planning, real-time dispatch, GPS tracking, live traffic and granular navigation capabilities, that displays driver locations in real time and predictive analysis on execution, that help to increase operational efficiency and identify service area gaps from source to destination.


  • Real time tracking of Vehicles 99% Distance Calculation Accuracy* Easy location management through “My Places” and “My Areas” (Geo-fences)
  • Alarm generation via SMS or Email
  • Storage for Vehicle attributes in Backoffice for efficient management
  • Management of fleet vehicles, based on business and personal timings.
  • Live vehicle position update with reverse geo code address
  • Create routes to monitor and manage daily fleet operations.
  • Analyze comparatively between scheduled and actual timings of vehicle on a route
  • Animated Route replay of history data
  • Smart Search option to optimize the searching process for vehicles, address , geo-fence areas
  • Get current status of vehicles in Dashboard view


Map Interface will show the live position of your vehicle, along with their corresponding speeds & their direction of movement. Also you could Live vehicle position update with reverse geo code address. Create as many geo-fence polygons or mark locations as favorite locations for generating location based alarms. Different information regarding Ignition , temperature , Speed could be observed in complete graphical manner.
Check your historical data with animated route replay.



MapmyIndia Fleet provides precise and detailed reports telling you where your vehicles have been, the amount of time they’ve spent at a specific location, over speeding information, average speed and several additional metrics. Reports could also be scheduled by an automated dispatch mechanism. Different kinds of reports including Trips & Drives, Trips & Stops, Drives by day, Drives by working hours, Stops by day, Expenses- general / fuel , Daily/ Monthly Monitoring Summary, Speeding, Drives by All Geo fence and many more...



MapmyIndia Fleet provides a series of alarm types that notify you via SMS/ Email/ Web as soon as a violation like speeding occurs. Alarms can be created and viewed in the tabular form under the Alarms Tab. Also, it offers a consolidated view of various alarms generated for your account.


Back office - Vehicle Management

Now keep all your vehicle related information at single place with the help of Backoffice – vehicle Management.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning” for creating OR managing your vehicles.
  • Expenses, service management or vehicle insurance- Manage & keep a check on such activities via this section.
  • Fuel Management – Easily manage your fuel intake, consumption and expenses through this section.


Backoffice - Driver Management

Using Backoffice – Driver Management analyze and manage your driver related operations and expenses.

  • Keep an eye on driver behavior on the basis of Traffic violation and damage reports per driver
  • Monitor the Daily Expense of a driver on Food , Damage and Local Conveyance.
  • Store all the Driver related information at a single place
  • Assign unique Dallas/RFID key IDs to drivers for smooth operations.


Using scheduling option you could assign schedules to the vehicles as per their working hours.
By this you can :

  • Create time based schedules for different vehicles
  • Keep a check on the Official/ Personal usage vehicle
  • Create Alarms on the basis of Personal and Official usage

Route Management

Create or upload planned routes for your vehicles to monitor their movement

  • NOW retain your daily routes in terms of LINES, for ease of operations in situations where routes are not modified daily.



Using the Dashboard :

  • View the current status: Engine status , Connectivity , Last Alarm generated  and many more … for  your vehicles in a single window.
  • Filter vehicles on the basis of pre-defined filters to monitor specific set of vehicles.
  • Smart Search – Search vehicles on the basis of their Registration  number, custom tags, custom internal name of the vehicle.
  • Save the current status of the vehicles into excel file on a single click.


Compatible External Peripherals

  • Immobiliser- Shutdown your vehicle's engine remotely incase of theft.
  • Two way calling - Helps with keeping in touch with your driver through GSM.
  • Temperature sensor - Helps in monitoring temperature of either engine or cold/hot storage containment units.
  • Panic Button - Helps in informing the control room of a mishap with the vehicle or its occupants.
  • Fuel Sensors - Monitor the fuel consumption using Analog fuel sensors.
  • RFID Readers – Provides a provision for Employee/Children Detection
  • Overspeeding Hooter – Alert drivers  and co-passengers in case overspeeding scenarios.