Tracking Solution for Logistics

MapmyIndia’s revolutionary tracking solution for logistics companies provides transparency into vehicle location and activities, regardless of geography. It gives full visibility into the whereabouts of resources, assets and cargo at any given point, which increases the safety and security of assets.

Our end-to-end solution enables companies of any size to enrich the management of their vehicles, or drivers, customized to a client’s needs.


  • Real-time updated Web GIS Dashboard
  • Get live updates on mobile or web application
  • Live tracking of vehicles, resources, assets and cargo
  • Editable vehicle details
  • Editable expense details like fuel, repairs, etc.
  • Back office facility for storing information like insurance renewal dates, vehicle inspection dates, etc.
  • Vehicle driver assignments
  • Geocoding & Geo-fence creations
  • Easy creation of routes optimized for location of stops
  • Vehicle status with respect to planned schedule
  • Reports:
    • Detailed Weekly/Monthly or customized date­range reports
    • Speeding reports
    • Stoppage reports
    • Route deviation reports
    • Trips & drives reports
    • Dispatch schedule upload & exception report
  • Quick upload of dispatch schedules & exceptions
  • See actual time of arrival/departure
  • See expected time of arrival/departure
  • Timestamped route re-play for analysis in case of incident
  • Alarm configuration options:
    • Overspeeding
    • Unde stoppages
    • Route deviations
    • Geo-fence entry or exit
    • Delivery point reaching/reached/left
    • Panic situation
    • Vehicle records expiry
    • Notification to selected contacts upon task completion
  • Other features:
    • Map search, map routing & My places
    • Back offices, tags & alarms
    • Two-way messaging/calling & working hours schedule
    • Fuel expenses report & all expenses report


  • Easy planning, monitoring & management
  • Higher efficiency and productivity
  • Quicker dispatching
  • Better responsiveness to route changes and emergencies
  • Increased safety & security of assets on the move

Hardware Components

Software Components