ERP Integration

Within organizations itself, different departments use a large variety of different data. Integration between these databases not only helps in data sharing but increases productivity and saves time. ERP integration enables easy data sharing and analysis. Moreover, when ERP and GIS are interwoven, the technology itself becomes bi-directional. Data can be pushed and received between two systems. The integration enables an organization to use an exponentially more powerful and robust system.

Any of MapmyIndia’s Telematics solutions has the capability to integrate GPS location with the ERP system to provide trip based tracking. This certainly improves the efficiency of transport management and makes it more automated, authentic and reliable.

Integration Methods:

  • Expose MapmyIndia Fleet APIs which can be consumed by ERP
  • Expose ERP APIs which can be consumed by Fleet to generate specific reports as per business requirements


  • Improve resource utilization
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Automation of optimized business process
  • Decreased service operation cost
  • Reduce time wastage and human error by elimination of manual data
  • Leverage existing systems, investments and resources
  • Real-time service performance management