Urban penetration

Today, organizations are constantly looking for a deeper reach of their brand. But conventional market research data does not provide the unique layer of spatial intelligence that a business needs to truly understand and visualize marketing insights.

MapmyIndia not only provides unique location data but also helps support data with visualize on a digital map. Now get better answers to:

  • Which markets are saturated?
  • Are any untapped markets still there?
  • What is the potential within a catchment area of X kms around a selected location?
  • How to organize or redefine territories for optimum distribution and sales?
  • Should the business open a new distribution center? Where?
  • Should the business cannibalize an existing non­performing distribution center?
  • How to reach a potential market? What is the accessibility?
  • How does a particular outlet or distributor perform with respect to the competition?


  • Visualize business data on an interactive map
  • Integrate with enterprise business intelligence
  • Access several demographic and socio­economic datasets
  • MIS for key stakeholders
  • Visualize data with themes, heat maps, graphs, charts, and more!
  • Perform various analyses to power your marketing efforts:
    • Coverage & gap analysis
    • Sales performance analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Potential analysis basis key performance indicators (KPI) of a business


  • Identify untapped markets
  • Plan & improve distribution strategies
  • Plan & improve cohesive sales
  • Manage sales, distribution & marketing operations
  • Get insights into the coverage of the competition
  • Integrate sales, marketing & distribution data at various levels for deeper analysis
  • Identify the required business potential around a selected location
  • Target group localization
  • Compare the market potential between different locations


  • MAP APIs
  • Application development
  • GIS Professional Services
  • GIS Datasets
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Deployment

Industry Vertical

Organizations today are using Geo-analytics solutions to solve business problems related to segmentation of customer databases, implementation of effective sales & marketing, optimization of distribution, and more.

  • FMCG
  • Retail & Consumer Durables
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Market Consultants
  • Pharmaceuticals