Rural Expansion

As urban markets reach closer and closer to a saturation point, organizations are focused on expanding to untapped, rural regions. However, the big challenge associated with this is the lack of information about the varying widespread geographies. Finding out which location is right for which product can be difficult without the right data and tools to help!

MapmyIndia not only provides unique location data to bolster marketing efforts but also helps support data with visualize on a digital map. Now, get better answers to

  • Should we expand the distributors channel? Where should I appoint my dealers and distributors?
  • How to access potential markets? What is the best strategy?
  • How is a particular rural market performing with respect to others?
  • How can I get insights related to unknown untapped markets?
  • In which untapped markets should the business expand?
  • How to define/re-align territories for distribution & sales?


  • Enables exploring rural opportunities with ease
  • Classify, understand and expand into previously untapped markets
  • Integrate demographic and socio-economic indices with uncovered markets to align and optimize current coverage
  • Integrate sales, marketing & distribution data for analytics and planning
  • Link product-wise sales up to the village level
  • Prioritize tasks and bring efficiency into business operations


  • Visualize business data on an interactive map
  • Integrate with enterprise business intelligence
  • Access several demographic and socio-economic datasets
  • MIS for key stakeholders
  • Visualize data with themes, heat maps, graphs, charts, and more!
  • Perform various analyses to power your marketing efforts:
    • Coverage & gap analysis
    • Sales performance analysis
    • Competition analysis
    • Potential analysis basis key performance indicators (KPI) of a business


  • MAP APIs
  • Application development
  • GIS Professional Services
  • GIS Datasets
  • Hosting and Maintenance
  • Deployment

Industry Vertical

Organizations today are using Geo­analytics solutions to solve business problems related to segmentation of customer databases, implementation of effective sales & marketing, optimization of distribution, and more.

  • FMCG
  • Retail & Consumer Durables
  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Market Consultants
  • Pharmaceuticals