A Command and Control Center is typically a secure room or building in a government, that operates as the agency's dispatch center, surveillance monitoring center, coordination office and alarm monitoring center all in one. Especially in the Indian context, in the face of incessant attacks on its crucial networks by terrorists, as well as inadequate emergency response mechanism, the government is finalizing an elaborate plan to upgrade India's emergency response capabilities. For this, putting in place real time command and-control centers and delineating responsibilities among various agencies, is the only way forward for a safer India.

There is a lack of experience in implementing the state-of-the-art control room infrastructure without compromising on the form and functionality. There is also a huge challenge of availability of end to end solution provider in the Indian market.

MapmyIndia Offerings

MapmyIndia offers the 5 critical elements of a high quality functional CAD system in an integrated fashion:

Map Data

High precision, comprehensive and detailed maps, with house and building level detail and in full 3D

Computer-aided Dispatch Software

Efficient software to match call taking, fleet monitoring, dispatch and communication workflow of emergency responders

GPS Tracking Hardware

High quality devices which can withstand the environment conditions and communicate effectively

GPS Navigation Devices

Effective & connected navigation devices which assist the driver in reaching destination quickly and precisely

Seamless and Intelligent Systems Integration

Adapt the system to integrate and function smoothly into emergency responders' infrastructure and workflow

Mappls Command, Control & Dispatch Centre (CCC)

A robust solution to ensure quick, accurate and appropriate response by emergency response agencies through:

  • Real-time location & mapping of incident
  • Tracking & dispatch of nearest respondent vehicle/personnel
  • Real-time voice-guided navigation to incident location
  • Reports & monitoring of Incident turn-around-times
  • Mapping of Personnel and resources in different nomenclature (Movable/ Immovable) on a rich GIS Map
  • POI Information like location and quantum of reserves, QRTs, travel times, available routes, Boundaries, Patrolling routes with timings, Emergency Services, on the digital GIS map
  • Location mapping of Incoming Distress Calls and auto/ operator defined alerts/ Panic Buttons to Commander/ Reaction teams
  • Call logging with filing of Radio logs
  • MIS Reporting in Excel, HTML or other user defined formats
  • Application Tools to identify graded responses in terms of manpower and resources to address the impending situation
  • Updates on Status, emerging Situation and availability of uncommitted resources
  • In Vehicle/ Mobile unit for transfer of navigation information, Geo-Coordinates and updated reports to the identified reaction teams

To deliver a high-quality CAD solution, MapmyIndiaseamlessly integrates all our high quality elements: