Geo-analytics & Decision Support

Use location knowledge to frame marketing efforts by adding location intelligence to business analytics. Get better insights into where to pitch, open a new branch, penetrate a new market and also analyze potential gaps, weaknesses and strengths of your marketing.

Use digital mapping to organize and display data for review and decision-making. Geomarketing takes a deep look at the nuances of a specific geographical area and helps provides a deeper understanding of the region to strengthen campaigns and optimize marketing activities.

Helps answer

  • Where is my presence geographically?
  • Where is my business competition?
  • How to analyze performance based on various geographies?
  • What is my market share in different markets?
  • How do I identify potential gaps?
  • How and where should I expand my business?
  • Where should I appoint my dealers & distributors?
  • How do I define the territories for distribution & sales?

Urban Penetration

Understand and increase presence in urban markets through detailed analysis and map visualizations.

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Rural Expansion

Reach untapped markets with detailed analysis, rich datasets and map visualizations!

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