How can we improve Solid Waste Management in India?

Solid waste management is a basic essential service provided by local governing bodies in the country to keep urban centres clean. However, presently, only 70-80% waste is collected, while only 22% is treated. The Government of India’s vision is to make country clean and have established mechanism for Management of Solid Waste. and current challenges to existing mechanisms can be helped with MapmyIndia’s Solid Waste Management Solution.

This solution consists of 3 parts:

  1. GIS Mapping of Bins and Collection Points
  2. GPS-based Vehicle Tracker Installation
  3. Attendance Management System

GIS Mapping of Bins, Collection Points, Dumping Points, Dumping Yard:

MapmyIndia will develop a comprehensive database for all Solid Waste Management related assets through field survey & GIS Mapping. The database includes information of the following:

  • Vehicles in link with device IDs & IMEI numbers
  • All routes
  • Collection Points (including bin location) & dumping ground associating with routes
  • Drivers
  • Schedule
  • List of officials with phone numbers for triggering alerts
  • List of staff members along with reporting and area details – for attendance management
  • Schedule of Field Staff

Installation of GPS-based Vehicle Trackers in Waste collection and Disposal Vehicles

The collection and transportation of the huge amount of waste is a matter of concern for urban local bodies. A large number of municipal and private vehicles are used for collection of waste. The disposal process could be through a land fill, program, burning place or a waste treatment plant. All these vehicle trips require route planning as well as real time monitoring to ensure that the whole operation is done in efficient manner.

We will help track the number of trips and actual visits. MapmyIndia’s Solution will help the department to structure the entire process, manage and monitor their fleet. More importantly, installing these devices will provide valuable insight into how fleets are being used and help Municipal Corporation to effectively utilize their existing assets. The vehicle tracking application will be a web based application and will help in the tracking of the vehicles. It will be integrated with MapmyIndia’s accurate, comprehensive and detail-rich digital maps.

Capabilities of the System

  • Real Time GPS tracking of the waste pick up vehicle
  • Route Optimization - leading to reduction of time, saving in fuel and serving more locations
  • Dynamic management of routes and vehicles through an automated system
  • Monitor and manage the waste collection bins
  • Real-time management of missed garbage collection points
  • Ensure complete coverage of door-to-door and community collections served by vehicles
  • Monitor and track other municipal corporation vehicles under Solid Waste Management Dept.
  • Record history of vehicle routes, attended sites and other details
  • RFID data to ensure off-loading of complete bin
  • Alert and Alarms are included in the system in case of any breach of defined activities and timing
  • Monitoring & Reporting Application – robust reports of vehicles, garbage collection status, bin status, route deviation, etc.
  • Reporting of vehicles, garbage collected and other details to higher authorities from any location at any time
  • Monitor and track the activities of field staff force through Attendance Management System
  • Reduced human intervention in monitoring processes

Attendance Management System

MapmyIndia’s Workmate product can be enhanced to implement a Field Attendance Management System. The System gets data from the Biometric based Mobile Attendance Device, which will capture the presence of Field Staff with biometric identification and authentication. This application shall help in attendance management and keeping detailed employee records.

Key Features:

  • Attendance Management
  • Detailed Employee Records
  • Tracking the Working Hours
  • Track the Field Force Check-In and Check-Out Hours
  • Start and End Working Hours
  • Search staff
  • Click on Staff for Detailed View
  • Download reports – Historical Activities
Solid Waste


Reduce Costs

Improve Accountability

Boost Efficiency

Improve Driver Safety

Provide Valuable Proof

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