Portable Mobile Charger

Portable Mobile Charger

MapmyIndia Portable Mobile Charger is a 2200 mAh portable re-chargeable battery.

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Product Features

MapmyIndia Portable Mobile Charger is a 2200 mAh portable re-chargeable battery.It can be used as easy power whenever you need, in plane, meeting or travelling. It can be used for various devices like mobile phones, GPS devices, tablets, other portable gaming and multimedia device MapmyIndia Portable Mobile Charger is Convenient and Easy to use, easy to carry. Here are few features:

Product Specifications

Capacity 2200mAh, 3.7V / 8.1Wh Embed a 2200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Dimension 21.3mm (Diameter) x 129mm(length)  
Weight 73g  
Input DC 5V/ 900mA (max)  
Output DC5V / 900mA(max)  
Input Port Micro USB  
Output Port A type USB  
Full Charge time About 5 hour If power source can only provide current less than 500mA. Like USB port in PC or notebook
About 3 hours If power source can provide current bigger than 900mA. Like USB port in a wall charger
Cycle  life >300 Remaining Capacity >80% Fully charge and discharge is as a cycle.
>500 Remaining Capacity >65%


Online Coverage

"MapmyIndia has launched portable gadget charger which helps users charge their portable devices on the go."
- Pluggd.in, November 2011


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