GET request: This API is used to request the list and details of geofence areas using the geofence ID assigned to it for an account on Intouch.


  • License_key: the REST API license key allocated to you. This is part of URL structure.
  • geofenceId : Optional parameter. It is geozone specific ID generated while creation of a geofence area. This parameter can be used if any particular geo fence needs to be checked.
  • state: Optional parameter. State parameter takes epoch timestamp into consideration and filter out the results. To consider time parameter or not, will depend on state value. If any specific timestamp is entered under state input, then API will only return the data of those geofence areas for which are created post the input timestamp.
    If state is 0, then API will show details for all the geofence areas.
  • name
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • level : Zoom level
  • radius : in meters
  • createdby
  • timestamp: Creation time in epoch time notation
  • updatedby

Example URL Response:<licence_key>/getGeofence

{  "data": {  "45604": {  "latitude": 28.686355,  "longitude": 77.203896,  "level": 18,  "radius": 50,  "createdby": "Kunal",  "timestamp": 1478087667,  "updatedby": "Kunal",  "name": "D8"  }  },  "message": "success",  "status": 200  }