GET request: This API is used to create geofences in an account on Intouch. A geofence is a bounded circle of defined radius which acts as a user defined area for related events.


  • License_key: the REST API license key allocated to you. This is part of URL structure.
  • name: Name of the Geofence
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • radius: Value of the radius in meters. Maximum limit 36000
  • level: Optional parameter. This can be used to set the zoom level for the viewing purpose
  • createdBy : Optional parameter. Name of the user who created the geofence.
  • geofenceId
  • message: "success"
  • status: 200

Example URL Response:<licence_key>/createGeofence?name=Ashoknagar&latitude=28.588619&longitude=77.301576&radius=1000&level=14

{  "geofenceId": 45604,  "message": "success",  "status": 200  }