• 7000+ tourist points such as rafting & fishing spots, sunset spotting points, restaurants, yoga and ayurvedic centres
  • Complete Uttarakhand state road network
  • An up-close of 20 cities with their streets and by lanes
  • Detailed maps of Uttarakhand’s 5 most popular trekking circuits and maps of 6 wildlife sanctuaries
  • Easy to read maps with on page indexing

Travel Information

Take to the roads and get going, but find out in the travel guide where to stop and soak in UP's eventful history rich, culture, delicious cuisine & vibrant language

Explore the Domain of Gods with MapmyIndia Travel n Map Guide. With up-to-date information about roads, railway network, town points soak in Uttarakhand's rich culture, varied faiths while also trekking through its magnificently rich jungles!

Exploring beyond maps!

The guide contains maps with highways, main roads and arterial roads clearly marked for your convenience. The state maps along with detailed city maps make it a comprehensive guide. The trekking maps and wildlife sanctuary maps add to the extensive detail!

The MapmyIndia Uttarakhand Travel n Map Guide is not all about maps; it also suggests 101 things that can be done in and around Uttarakhand. More so, a list of emergency numbers, bus timings & fares and adventure circuits along with other interesting information will make for a memorable journey across the state.

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