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Travel Information

Grab your travelling gear, take to the road and get going! Use the travel guide to explore the rugged terrain of the hilly state and soak in its rich traditions, breathtaking beauty and delicious cuisine.

Explore the Bollywood in Mumbai, gardens in Nagpur, Ashrams of Pune, caves and shrines of Aurangabad and hills of lonavala and Mahabaleshwar. MapmyIndia is a guide to fulfill your dream to destination.

Exploring beyond maps!

Discover the magical state of Maharashtra with MapmyIndia Maps.

  • Tourist points such as pilgrim destinations, heritage sites, monuments, hotels and restaurants
  • Complete Maharashtra state road network
  • An up-close of 11 cities with streets
  • Detailed maps of Maharashtra's most popular trips, treks and circuits
  • Easy to read maps
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