MapmyIndia Insight enables you to




Simple data import to see it visualized on MapmyIndia Maps.
Make sense of your location data and power your business


Insight allows you to upload your data which will be used to perform analysis.

  • Georeference of data is done to plot the data present in the uploaded CSV data file on the map.
  • It can be done by either selecting Georeference icon from the name panel or by clicking the Georeference button over the data table view.

Perform all kinds of geospatial analyses using custom filters in the easiest way possible. After Geocoding the data, you can create your own insights using various filters based on the requirements

Use MapmyIndia Map Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding Services to attach location information to your data MapmyIndia use own APIs to geocode your data. Which you can analyse on Map.

Create comprehensive analysis and planning endeavours in just a few clicks, keep an eye on entire market and the granular details

Transform your data into insights