Map Engine

India's best maps available with map engine! Build your apps right away - why reinvent?

MapmyIndia Map Engine is a Comprehensive Solution for Geo-enabling Enterprise Applications on Web and Mobile Platforms.

  • Ready-to-use basemap & data with complete city/state coverage in the form of tiles comprising transportation network, landuse & points of interest
  • Built-in routable and navigable road network dataset for quicker implementation of complex routing algorithms and navigation
  • Integrated well defined address database with adoption of Indian street address system
  • Built-in web map interface with standard GIS functions
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) for extending functionalities and quick integration with enterprise applications and modules
  • Flexibility to develop in any industry standard programming platform
  • Integrates with any standard GIS Engine/platform API Stack For Developers Integration With 3rd Party Applications Web Application Integration Standard Map Interface Custom

Map Engine Components

  • Rich data content in the form of tiles
  • 10+ zoom levels revealing detailed features on the map at each zoom level
  • Locality, sub localities for urban areas marked with intelligent labelling techniques
  • Building footprints for million+ cities, house number details for select cities
  • Important Points of Interest (PoIs) at appropriate zoom levels
  • Land use patterns (Water, Green, Airport, Forest Areas etc.)
  • Roads represented in different styles by category (NH, SH, DH, City Major, City Minor, City Streets and Lanes)
  • Village labels representing village locations
  • Railway lines and stations

Integrated Development Platform

The Map Engine offers an integrated developer platform with libraries, APIs and SDK to integrate location based functionalities applications on Web and Mobile comprises of.