• Easy to use, comprehensive GPS tracking system for your bike!

    - Document holder
    - Safety & security alerts

Rover Bike Tracker

The most comprehensive tracking product, Rover Bike is a discreet motorcycle tracker that once fitted to your bike, lets you see where it is through on a secure portal! Rover Bike tells you the LIVE locations of your Bike on map, with direction as well as speed. It helps to monitor insurance, PUC renewals as well as improve mileage, vehicle maintenance and reporting.

A Motorcycle security system, an online-document holder, and a comprehensive bike tracking experience!

The geographical positions are automatically monitored giving you ‘real time’ reporting of location, travel direction and speed even 90 mins after your bike is switched off. It also provides you with a breadcrumb-trail of a journey with speed indication, detailed journey history, any idle time, ignition status and over-speed reports.

  • A discreet Bike tracker that lets you remotely monitor the unauthorised movements of your bike, in real-time.
  • Live Tracking data
  • Overview of a destination in terms of Turn-by-Turn directions
  • Position and alert data
  • Designed to be compact, small and easy to install.
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