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“I had expected it to be a day spent in the air-conditioned comfort of a dark hall accompanied by good food and drinks in the evening with old friends. It didn’t turn out exactly as anticipated.” On the contrary it was a day of experiences, unfolding of dreams and witnessing a vision that was being shared with the millions, some who were physically present and others who were watching it live.

Living his parents’ dreams and taking the legacy forward it was a pleasure, to hear Rohan Verma, take the audience through the dream and journey of his parents. Rashmi and Rakesh Verma had started this journey way back in the mid-nineties on their return from the US with a dream. They had wanted to create advanced, accurate and comprehensive map-data unparalleled anywhere in the world and improve the lives of millions. Today MapmyIndia maps and location based technology offers software services for enterprises, – GPS based IoT devices to connect the world virtually, location tagging everything and Consumer based LBS applications for the 125 Crore people.

“All know dreams and aspirations are never static.” Mapmyindia;s TV ad “har pata hamein hai pata “and bringing Mapmyindia on the stage of “Kingdom of Dreams” inspires dreams and aspirations which are never static”. To know more about “Map The Future Conference” click here-

At MapmyIndia, a new vision is created, the unfolding of the passion and hard work of 25 years has lead to creation of maps so powerful that they could power self-driving cars with the technology that navigates through the labyrinth of highways, roads and lanes. The ‘RealView’ 360⁰ panorama in full 3 dimensions gives pre-knowledge of each pothole, each curve, each bent in the route that the vehicle travels.

The vision brings the world together. Keeps you connected with your assets and your loved ones. The use of telematic solutions to map in real-time the ever-changing view, the traffic congestion, the light conditions, bringing in an advanced driving assistance system for the car which was driving itself and an array of IoT devices and sensors to keep you connected every time anytime, be it with your car or your children.

Rohav Verma has talked about Mapmyindia’s journey from cartography maps to creating a virtual world today – what we call “A Digital Map Twin of the real world”. Maps created with cameras that provide images in 2 dimensions in the 3 colour spectrum of red, green and blue creating the depth of the object that would bounce back. Creation of  Digital Map Twin could simulate and copy as close as possible what humans see as they navigate through in their daily life – the objects in the path, uneven ground, the sky above and the potholes below. “The Digital Twin is to be constantly evolving, he says”.

Mr. Rohan Verma, CTO, MapmyIndia

Mr. Rohan Verma, CTO, MapmyIndia

The experience that one could get from the small group of Mapmyindian’s on the dais holding up different devices used in the mapping of the data gave a glimpse of the effort involved – the hours, days, weeks and months of hiking, biking or trekking through terrain without roads with back-packs, the driving using car-top cameras and all the other different ways in which the basic and exact data could be collated, one could feel the love and passion and pride that was exuberated  with a sense of achievement and vision to keep going.

mapping of the data

mapping of the data

The vision of the virtual world presented was of an inter-active, high definition, multi-media technology, using ‘map’ almost a place where one could “touch and feel technology. It was here that the unique, precise 6 alpha-numeric character digital address system – the eLoC presented would became a necessity and a solution in future. eLoc gives each location a post verified digital address, a doorstep’s pincode. It is an Aadhar of addresses.



The Stage was a showcase and experience of transfer of Ideas and sharing of insights by Rohan Verma, Rishin kalra, Tarini Sundar and Venkat, the vision shared, not being limited to just them but instead embraced by each Mapmyindian present at KOD on 17th April – a vision that was shared equally by them all.

MapmyIndia’s vision and mission is to make the world better through maps and location technologies and believes in #MakeinIndia, for India and #BetterIndia. This was quite evident when MapmyIndia introduced its strategic alliance with #MakeinIndia partnerships, the partners bringing their own visions to augment what had been already presented, thus becoming an integral part of the whole – complementing, enlarging, multiple aspirations combining, and each contributing in its own way to the larger spectrum of serving the nation.

Aptly put by Mr Arvind Pani of Reverie, a strategic partner company, India’s first language based map keyboard and mobile assistant:

“दो भरतिया कम्पनी, मैपमयइंडिया और रेव्री, हम लोगों ने ठान लिया है की भारतीयों को, हर भारतीय को अपनी डेस्टिनेशन तक पहुँचाएँगे और अपनी भाषा में पहुँचाएँगे।”

Mr. Lall puts across his experience quite aptly “the end of the rainbow was here at home, in India”. As dreams and visions are never static, the more people there are that share in the vision the more real it becomes. The vision that was presented, that day, at the Kingdom of Dreams, by the MapmyIndian’s.

Mr. Lall we duly appreciate your kind words and blessing as you share your experience and wished us “Good luck and God speed” We look forward to your presence at next “Map The Future Conference”

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