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What is eLoc?

India has an address system that identifies houses, buildings, places, government offices, businesses etc. but very few parts of our country have a formal address. And to add to this the varied dialects, languages, culture and other differences across India, the situation becomes mind-boggling – each individual reads and interprets an address differently. What is required is a Simple, Standardized and Precise pan-India digital address system.

Why should you start using eLoc today?

It's Simple

eLoc converts any address into 6 easy-to-remember characters (e.g. MMI000).

Gain freedom from having to remember, type, tell or search for long, complex Indian addresses and confusing naming systems.

Sharing the location/map of any place for door-to-door navigation, doorstep delivery, taxi pick-up & drop and governance/ administration down to property level is now easier and more powerful with eLoc, India's first nation-wide digital address system.

It's Precise

eLoc by MapmyIndia is precise down to the doorstep.

You can see any place accurately on the map, reach its doorstep without getting lost or needing to ask for directions in the last mile and get more information about the place, including reviews, neighbourhood amenities, photos.

eLoc will take you to the exact doorstep, making you more efficient, smarter and happier.

It's Ready-to-use for FREE

MapmyIndia is making available for FREE over 2 crore (and counting) eLocs.

These eLocs cover more places (properties, flats, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc.) across urban and rural India than any other public or private provider.

Use MapmyIndia's app or partner with us to access and integrate MapmyIndia's eLoc data/APIs to enjoy the immense benefits of eLoc.

Benefits of eLoc for the country

Search on MapmyIndia Maps using eLoc for places, directions or nearby brands.

Use your eLoc as your personal digital address or even in your email signature.

Share your eLoc with your friends and social network if they want an easy way to see and get directions to your address.

Find the eLoc for your workplace and put this digital address on your business card, instead of the long and complex 4 line address.

Any last mile delivery, logistics & supply chain challenges can be solved with eLoc.

Use it in ride-hailing/ ride-sharing services for highly accurate doorstep pick-ups & drop offs.

eLoc by MapmyIndia is the most efficient, accurate and fast method to validate your address and location data.

Simply use eLoc as the digital address for your business. For example, MapmyIndia's digital office address is

Incorporate this eLoc as your digital address in email signatures, business cards, marketing collateral, meeting invites, etc.

eLoc can be used for rapid emergency response down to the doorstep.

It is very useful in the case of disaster management where constructed property might be affected. You will need the latitude and longitude for corresponding house addresses that is uniform, standardised and validated across formal and informal address systems in India.

Ensure governance and utility provision to each doorstep in your administrative area with eLoc.

Link eLoc to Aadhaar to provide holistic governance to each citizen in your municipal area.

eLoc in the news

times of india eloc

Taxi aggregators, emergency services, local deliveries, courier services, property administration, postal services and others can all use it.

financial express eloc

eLoc has been created to enable Indian commuters and travellers to navigate to the exact doorstep of their destination, that too within the shortest possible time.

news eloc

eLoc covers buildings, flats, residences, properties, businesses, houses, offices, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc. across the urban and rural setup.

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