West Bengal Maps
West Bengal Maps
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Tread your own path to explore the unusual facets of Bengal with MapmyIndia's Mapbook of West Bengal. From unexplored destinations to an exquisite culture, have a taste of Bengaliana!


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Subhasis Banerjee

21 March 14
Exceptional quality
This atlas is very detailed. It covers the whole state at a varying scale. On average, this is 1:250,000, which is the highest resolution available from Geological Survey of India. (These maps are provided by Dept of Tourism though) I have few NATMO district map sheets, and in comparison, these are slightly more detailed. In fact, the only maps that I have more detailed than this are 1:100,000 NATMO sheets, which are available for specific areas only.

Now about layout, it starts with a 46 segment map of the whole state with relief, good detail there. Then it moves to district maps. Each district has an overview map, and a detailed map in 2-6 segments, depending on size of said district. These segmented district maps are the most detailed maps, but these don't have relief.

Then there are the city maps. These are actually good, and more detailed than those provided in usual travel guide books. The Kolkata map is quite large and is good enough for travelers.

There is an index at the end that lists all the locations and landmarks including those in the city maps.

The only drawback is complete lack of distance markers on maps. I think at least the 46 segment map should have had distance markers.

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