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Vehicle Insurance

With GPS devices gaining popularity throughout the world, insurance companies are having a positive outlook about them. Many companies are ready to offer discounts on motor premiums for vehicles installed with these devices.

How can GPS fleet tracking can help reduce insurance costs?

Asset recovery
Recovering a stolen fleet vehicle is difficult. Law enforcement often gives these cases low priority, so fleet operators write off their losses and file an insurance claim. This isn't an optimal outcome for the insurance company (which has to pay for the loss) or the fleet operator, which is now faced with a potential premium increase.

MapmyIndia's Fleet Management Application can make it much easier and more straightforward to recover stolen equipment.

Driver behavior
Fleet drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and thus are fairly confident in their driving abilities. Unfortunately, this confidence leads some drivers to liberally interpret posted speed limits. While they may feel sure they can handle the extra speed, and that they are making deliveries faster, speeding can have serious implications for the company as a whole.

Insurance companies can take note of studies showing drivers with speeding offences, as they are much more likely to be involved in accidents. MapmyIndia fleet management application with road speed limits and other parameters helps companies in motoring if customers are driving safely or not. Thus, customers who adhere to speed limits, avoid risk prone areas, don’t driving late at night, avoid frequent rapid acceleration & deceleration, etc. stand a very good chance of getting premium discounts.

Thus, GPS fleet tracking can help companies in making better decisions and bringing down their expenses.

MapmyIndia Offerings

MapmyIndia offers complete end to end solution for vehicle tracking. It includes the best-in-class vehicle Enterprise grade Hardware that provide an easy way to keep track of your vehicles and get information about its location and past history. On the platform side, MapmyIndia’s tracking platform is the most advanced in the country today offering features like CRM back office integration, maps with house numbers and cloud deployment making it highly safe and secure.

Who all can benefit from this?

Insurance companies
Insurance companies can offer Vehicle tracking systems as a part of their product offering or recommended it to vehicle owners

Individual vehicle owners
MapmyIndia’s vehicle tracking solution meets the requirements of the consumers in terms of usability & accessibility. They can gain significant benefits from installation of GPS devices on calculation of their motor insurance premiums