MapmyIndia’s Indoor Mapping Applications – Easy to Search, Interactive, Integrated & connected Business Intelligence Application

The developed application of indoor mapping are incredibly diverse and beyond just easy to navigate store locations but also for visualization of the data of the geography around you. The technology is configurable, and offers different product configurations to different market applications.

  • It shows the visitor exactly where they are in a mall or a complex or a building. The indoor location-based services enable greater user satisfaction and engagement.
  • It is significantly targeted to help business streamline their business processes like
    • Sales and footfall tracking, indoor navigation, advertising and a marketing tool for Shopping Malls
    • Optimising deliveries and increasing process efficiency in warehouses
    • Help easy navigation and movement within large hospital and education complexes
    • And many more..

The scope for use of indoor maps is leading to increase in solutions being developed for various industry verticals to increase the user experience and overall value.

Integrated with Indoor positioning Systems

MapmyIndia indoor solutions can integrate with any Indoor positioning technology.

The Indoor Positioning can integrate with the wifi for any handset company. Like that for iBeacons, which are small devices installed at premises can detect the Bluetooth signal coming from handsets. The use of apps to send notifications to the handsets for “location based advertising application” like nearby deals, shopping etc. would be a great convenience for consumers and sellers.

Industry Benefits

Detailed 2D representations of building interiors for each floor.

MapmyIndia’s Indoor mapping service is targeted to transform the use of GIS across industry segments. Providing vast volumes of real life data, it can empower companies and organizations to embrace and embed Mobile Mapping content in every day work. Thus enabling to build indoor location-based services such as search, locating and advertising & marketing for greater user satisfaction and engagement. MapmyIndia has mapped out venues such as airports, malls, museums, corporate offices, retail chains & hospitals across the world & even complex structures like Guggenheim museum in New York City.