MapmyIndia address data coverage comprises of city, urban, semi urban and rural address directories with different levels of granularity.

  • House and building numbers are covered at the most detailed level for all metros and tier 1 cities
  • All other cities (7000+ nos.) covered at street and locality, sub-locality level
  • 100% coverage for villages across the nation
  • Points of Interest across 180 categories
  • Coverage with alternate names and localization

Industry Benefits

Importance of having the correct database for the address directory that is standardized, corrected, and updated helps to save money by helping you to make right decisions, deliveries and reach the right audience. It saves you time by ensuring that communications reach customers accurately and on time. Ensures door to door services thereby increasing operational efficiency. Verified Address increases response rates from marketing activities, thus potentially increasing your business. Lastly, Verified Address directory increases efficiency by making your address lists accurate and up-to-date.

A validated address directory also offers other benefits : - less returns, consolidated addresses, improved communication with customers, and increased delivery speeds.

MapmyIndia’s map data is integrated and proven for use in a wide variety of location based applications such as Consumer navigation, transport management systems, telematics, last mile deliveries, geo-business analytics, route optimization, urban planning, utility mapping, mobile applications and similar industry verticals.