From the traditional postman finding the delivery address based on the popularity of the place or a person, to the advent of e-commerce fueled home deliveries and transportation of goods to the last mile at the right time at the right place, the correct Address Directory plays a crucial role. “You get it wrong and you risk losing your customer; you get it right, and you shall gain a customer for life”

The most essential data used in any GIS applications today is Mapping of the Address system, that is validated and standard throughout the country. Indian addresses are relatively complex as there are multiple ways of writing a single address, and there could be many missing components in an address. India faces the challenges of reliable verified data below city level and relies mostly on localized intelligence resources. Also Addressing structure varies for different cities within the country. MapmyIndia address data is created with these considerations and thus localisations are standardized without any loss of information and integrated in the overall data to maintain uniformity.

MapmyIndia Address Directory

MapmyIndia address directory is the most comprehensive database of addresses across the country. Mapmyindia has built its address system with different levels of granularity that comprises of city, urban, semi urban and rural address directories. Complete hierarchy of address is maintained from country to the house numbers for urban areas and from village names to the state names for the rural areas.


India’s address infrastructure is still developing. At MapmyIndia the standardization process addresses the problems of specific Indian addressing system where streets have no names, or have multiple names or multiple spellings due to multiple regional languages The address database is geocoded, modified and validated to ensure standard addressing system throughout the country and maintain international standards;

  • Geocoding with international software - Mapmyindia address system supports all geo coding tools. Thereby converting any address like a street address or a locality into geographic coordinates which can be positioned on the map. Maintain master databases across the country with proper geocodes for effective and timely delivery of goods.
  • Validation - Every delivery address in the country is geocoded on the most accurate maps and is verified with international software procedures to maintain uniformity.
  • Continuous Updates - Maps are dynamic, locations and routes change almost every other day. At MapmyIndia we ensure continuous enhancement making sure all addresses are current and up-to- date.