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MMI Rover 200

Rover - A Comprehensive Tracking Solution For Your Vehicle!

MMI Rover 200 is India's only tracker with house number premium maps that helps in accurate tracking of your vehicle! With MMI Rover 200 now ensure complete safety of your vehicle and family! Because a safe family is a happy family.

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Know where your vehicle is INDIA'S ONLY TRACKER with house number premium maps*

  • Tracking on highly detailed maps also showing House Numbers
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone
  • Waterproof Device
  • Internal Antennae
  • Internal Battery Backup
  • Motion Sensor for accurate tracking
  • Immobilization to safeguard your vehicle from theft
  • SMS/ Email Alerts
  • Location fetch through SMS
  • Route deviation alerts
  • Two way calling (optional)
*Available for 74 Cities in India

  • Accurate GPS based live tracking of your vehicle
  • Highly accurate Distance Calculation to get accurate mileage readings
  • Mark 'Areas' and color coded 'Places' on the map with your customized address name for better understanding of vehicle location. E.g. Vehicle standing at "Rishabh's School"
  • Onboard Battery to track during power disconnection
  • Immobilizer helps you to cut your engine during vehicle theft and save your car

  • Exhaustive list of Alerts to help you keep informed about the whereabouts of your car
  • List of Alerts: Over Speeding, Vehicle Entering/ Leaving an Area, GPS/ GPRS Disconnection, Vehicle Entering/ Deviating from a Route, Engine On/ Off, Vehicle Idling, Auto Current Location Update Get SMS/ Email for Alerts:
    • Engine On at Anubhaya near *Nan Trauma Centre, Safdarjung Enclave at 22:00, 12/12/13
    • HR2X5876 entered Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30,12/12/13
    • HR2X5876 is overspeeding at Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30, 12/12/13
  • Multiple Email Id's/ SMS Numbers support
  • Get location of Vehicle instantaneously by sending an SMS "FIND Vehicle Number"to 56161
  • Creates route and get alerts if a vehicle deviates from a route
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone's browser on the go
  • Get information like Engine On/ Off Status, Address & Location on Map 
  • Get highly accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically
  • Helps you keep a check on vehicle running & keep a track of over speeding instances
  • Trips & Drives I Trip & Stops I Drives by Day I Stops by Day I Get stops at my places
  • Vehicle alarms I Over speeding I Get stops at my areas I Movement Report  

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