Telematics refers to the use of wireless devices and “black box” technologies to transmit data in real time back to an organization. It essentially opens up a range of possibilities through the simple principle of combining data and enabling wireless communication. We consolidate the use of a GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device that, in turn, enable communication with the software and the user.

Fleet telematics is one extensive branch of telematics, which allows the monitoring of location, movement, status and behaviour of a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. MapmyIndia has a robust and feature-rich telematics platform, MapmyIndia Fleet, which becomes the base for all our telematics applications across various industry verticals. As with all telematics solutions, MapmyIndia Fleet leads to huge time savings and improvement of the bottom line.

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MapmyIndia is the leader in providing cutting edge GIS, Tracking & Location Based Solutions. Our telematics solution is engineered using our years of experience in the field of mapping, location technology like GPS/ GLONASS/ Cell-ID and location based applications. Our solutions are tailor made to address the needs and requirements of enterprises as well as individuals.

Our Telematics Solution also enables integration with a variety of peripherals such as devices & sensors to meet the needs of specific industry applications.

Employee Transport Solution

Use telematics to improve the safety of your employees and increase operational efficiency.

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Municipal Garbage Collection

Improve garbage collection & disposal with biometric attendance, RFID tracking and fleet management.

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Child & School Bus Tracking Solution

Ensure child safety with a solution that caters to parents, school administrators and drivers.

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Tracking Solution for Logistics

Enhance monitoring & management of logistics operations with India’s most accurate map data.

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Cold Chain Tracking Solution

Track the temperature transport conditions of your products and boost customer satisfaction.

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ERP Integration

ERP integration available for all solutions to increase convenience, sharing & analysis.


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Enterprise Tracking Peripherals

Range of tracking peripherals that cater to needs across industry verticals

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