Cold Chain Tracking Solution

This solution is specifically designed to help businesses that deal with the transport, logistics or distribution of perishable products. Use MapmyIndia’s cold chain tracking solution to boost customer satisfaction by ensuring your products remain at optimal quality through the cold chain.

Real-time alerts guard against temperature violations, using analytical and reporting tools bundled with their location details. Retailers and suppliers can monitor movements, track temperature history and ensure freshness throughout the supply chain.



  • GPS based Live Tracking using SMS, Mobile Phone App & Web Application
  • GPS-based, highly accurate tracking of the reefer vans with reference of highways, cities & villages, with accuracy of 5 metres
  • Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly detailed reports, e.g.
    • Drives by Geo-fence
    • Trips and Drive report
    • Trips and Stop report
    • Drivers assigned to Vehicle report & Speeding
    • Vehicle alarms report
    • Panic on by day report
    • Temperature variation report (Tacograph)
  • Temperature sensor for continuous monitoring of acceptable variations in temperature
  • Easy creation of Stops/ Routes
  • Geo-fence creation to know when a vehicle has entered/exited a certain area
  • Timestamped route re-play for analysis in case of incident
  • Multiple Alarms Configuration options, e.g.
    • Pickup Alerts with date & time stamps
    • Delivery alerts with date & time stamps
    • Over speeding
    • Emergency Panic Alert
    • Undue Stoppage Alert
    • Route Deviation Alert
    • Temperature variation alerts


  • Monitoring & Tracking of vehicles through a web-based dashboard (desktop & mobile) using India’s most accurate and best maps
  • Event-based alerts via web and mobile to enable quick response
  • Close monitoring of temperature levels
  • Cost effective method of vigilance
  • Increased customer satisfation

Software Components

Hardware Components


Any industry that deals with the distribution, logistics and/or supply chain of refrigerated transport of perishable goods can benefit from MapmyIndia’s Cold Chain Tracking solution.
Some prime examples:

  • Medicines & vaccines in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Bakery & Confectionary
  • Dairy & Frozen desserts
  • Meat, fish & other seafood
  • Sauces, condiments, salad dressings, dips, etc.