Location AI
for Lending

Become hyperlocal.
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MapmyIndia’s use-cases in
the Lending landscape

Have an existing CRM? Location-enable it for productivity gains. If not, use our Geo-CRM to augment Debt Collections

  • Enabling live location capture for task verification
  • Complementing user location with lead location capture for area-based task allocation and completion
  • Relieving reimbursement disputes via automated distance-based calculation
  • Configurable user and admin dashboard for perfect harmony between agents and their managers

Enhance Credit Risk understanding & grow your business by phygital insights

Thinking of branch expansion? want to open a new ATM? or want to understand your consumer group geospatially? We help you with all of it and more…

  • Market coverage and gap analytics for upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Index potential sites on basis affluence, competitor presence, high visibility and 400+ other parameters for branch and ATM expansion

Boost customer satisfaction by using contactless KYC

Want to provide the most comfortable sign-up process for customers? Want to conduct CPV remotely?

  • Implement our Location API stack on your front-end and generate verified, standardised address as per customer location
  • Automate CPV by matching generated address to the address provided by the customer

Make CX your biggest strength in the new normal

Understand not just where your customers are but what’s around them, what drives them.

  • Offer card and payments based personalised offerings based on the consumer journey
  • Push area-based notifications to consumers on basis of their proximity to financial institutions, competitor

Evaluate risks in real-time by employing IoT

Reduce flight risks with IoT-based tracking for vehicles

  • Tracking cash vans for operational efficiency and safe transport

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[Native integration] MapmyIndia Location APIs and real-time data to help Amazon Alexa answer user queries for nearby places.