Location AI
 for Insurance

Become Location Intelligent
and enhance

MapmyIndia’s use-cases in the
Insurance landscape

Location-enable your risk underwriting practices

Enable Insurance 2.0 by using geospatial risk analytics and sharpening your actuarial science methods

  • Map flood-risk, earthquake-prone and high AQI areas via geo-analytical tools
  • Geofence natural disaster impacted areas to reduce frauds and have a faster claim settlement time
  • Map your company's portfolio to diversify and reduce risks through a hyperlocal lens

Robust location insights to connect with consumers at a hyperlocal level

Do you want your consumers to be mapped to their nearby branches? Want to get the best possible locations for your new branch?

  • Branch sourcing automation by matching consumers to nearest available branch
  • Understanding consumer base basis affluence, demographics, urban/rural split and more

Turbocharge productivity by using powerful Geo-CRM tools

Have an existing CRM? Location-enable it to enhance productivity and reduce fraud

  • Enabling live location capture for task verification
  • Complementing user location with lead location capture for area-based task allocation and completion
  • Relieving reimbursement disputes via automated distance-based calculation
  • Configurable user and admin dashboard for perfect harmony between agents and their managers

Consumer app-based features for enabling trip insurance

  • Integrate our Trip widget for verifiable trip details, distance covered and other drive parameters
  • Configurable features for allowing nearby delivery location finder and other location-based features for efficient premium models

Boost customer satisfaction by using contactless KYC

Want to provide the most comfortable sign-up process for customers? Want to conduct CPV remotely?

  • Implement our Location API stack on your front-end and generate verified, standardised address as per customer location for enhanced data hygiene
  • Automate CPV by matching generated address to the address provided by the customer

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[Native integration] MapmyIndia Location APIs and real-time data to help Amazon Alexa answer user queries for nearby places.