Why MapmyIndia Fleet?

India's most advanced and comprehensive Vehicle/Asset Tracking and Fleet management Platform!


Map Interface will show the live position of your vehicle, along with their corresponding speeds & their direction of movement. Also you could Live vehicle position update with reverse geo code address. Tachograph Data - Overlays informational timeline on map with different parameters like ignition, temperature, RPM, Speed and more.

  • Route Replay - Check your historical data with complete animated route replay.
  • SMART SEARCH - Search on the basis vehicle names, custom tags, driver names or even addresses.
  • MAP: Street matching of your vehicle’s positions.
  • Create as many geo-fence polygons or mark locations as favorite locations for generating location based alarms.
  • Tags- Mark your vehicles with powerful yet user-friendly custom tags; filter your vehicles on the basis of tags that can be modified with ease.

Route Management

  • Lines provide a powerful option to retain the daily routes and assign vehicles accordingly.
  • Visual map interface for editing trip plans providing exceptional ease of use.
  • Generation for driver reports and alarms for deviations from current assigned route.
  • Management of scheduled Arrival and Departure timings for the vehicle for all via-points on the route.
  • Automatically optimize your routes or Lines with the help of our navigation based advanced routing algorithm for overall efficiency.


  • Exceptionally Accurate reports deeply integrated with maps - downloadable up-to a year*
  • Reports could be downloaded for different information depth – All level: Complete information of report OR Top level: Top level summary of the report
  • Reports can be downloaded in two formats – PDF, .xls
  • Scheduled automated dispatch option for reports - Reports could be scheduled on Daily or Monthly Basis – Get your choice of reports directly in your inbox.
  • Reports can be generated for a vehicle or a group of vehicles.

This report captures the Trips and Drives of a vehicle or a group of vehicles. Trips represent the complete journey for a day whereas Drives are subset of the trips. A Single Trip may contain multiple drives. System filters the drives based on various algorithms.

This Report captures the complete Trip along with Stop information

In this All the Drive details for the day are captured.

This Report includes the Stop timings along with locations.

This report helps to monitor the Business and Personal Drives based on Working Hours entered by the customer. Drives within the Working Hours considered as Business Drives and rest of the Drives will be Personal Drives.

This Report helps to measure the stoppage duration at the saved Places/POIs (My Places)

Report provides information for all the alarms generated for the vehicle

Speeding Report provides information regarding the Overspeeding instances based on the input parameter.

Based on the Selected Geofence (My Area) the report shows the stoppage information.

This report specifies the movement of any vehicle. The Complete Movement of the vehicle could be analyzed in terms of “stopped” and “Moving” status.

In this report fuel related expenses are captured based on the Fuel expenses updated under Backoffice tab.

This report captures all the expense data(Vehicle Service, Tyre Replacement , Fuel etc.) entered under Back office tab.

As the name suggests, this includes each and every position sent by the device. Longitude, Latitude information is also captured in this.
The Categorization of device packets in terms of Trip (Moving) , Stop (Stopped condition) and Rejected (Invalid Rejected packets) could also be checked in this report.
Positions could be monitored in terms of intervals also 5 min. , 10 mins. And 15 mins.

Drives are categorized on the basis of time spent or traveled distance, inside a geofence and outside the geofence.

It’s similar to Drives by working hours report. In addition to that it includes Stoppage information also.

Provides complete information (Distance covered, Time spent, Average distance) regarding Vehicle. Using this report customer could monitor the vehicle for a particular month from a single interface. Starting and Ending Km mentioned in the report are based upon the Odometer readings entered for a vehicle in Back office tab.

Similar report to vehicle alarms, but it includes all the positions captured from start time of the alarm till end time of the alarm.

This report is useful for school and corporate offices where client needs to capture the Smart Card swipe with time and location.

Safety Alarms like Excessive speeding, Non-Working Hours Drive etc. are captured in this single report.

Irrespective of any alarm configured, this report includes any SOS or Panic button conditions on day-wise basis.

Check the ignitions event counts with Address location

Compare the schedule and actual execution of a route on day-wise basis

and many more...


You could assign schedules to the vehicles as per their working hours and Non- working hours. Using this option, vehicle movement could be monitored during restricted timings or days. Also you could categorize vehicle drives in terms of Business or Personal manually also. “Drives by Working hours” Report takes account of this data and displays it in much optimized way.

Messaging* & Delivery

FLEET provides an Automated dispatch system using which you could plan your delivery of your goods.

  • Live job dispatch – Send jobs to handheld navigation application’s logistics module
  • Send Coordinates/ Addresses for deliveries/ pickups from within the Fleet application, which allows for Turn-by Turn voise guidance navigation
  • Delivery Response of task status after completion
  • Plan and assign routes for the drop and pick up of people  with the help of Delivery option.
  • Get a Processed report to analyze the vehicle movement on the specified route.

  • *Needs an android based mobile phone.


Fleet provides you the option to set any of the following alarms

  • Over-speeding : Alerts when a vehicle is crosses beyond a fixed speed limit set by you.
  • My Area Entry/ Exit : Alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves an area created by you
  • My Place Entry/ Exit : Alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a place created by you.
  • Engine on / off : Alerts when engine is switched off or on.
  • No GPS Signal: Alerts when the GPS Signal of the device goes down.
  • No GPRS Signal: Alerts when the GPRS Signal of the device goes down.
  • Vehicle Entering/ Leaving Route: Alerts when a vehicle deviates or enters a created route.
  • Panic Button Activated: Alerts in SOS condition.
  • Vehicle Idling: Alerts when a vehicle is standing at a location for a prefixed time. This time can be customized by you.
  • External Battery Removed: Alerts for Car Battery Removal or Mishandling.
  • Monthly mileage limit exceeded: Set Mileage limit for your vehicles to monitor the monthly traveled distance.
  • RPM limit: If the vehicle reaches higher RPM readings, then get an instant alert for it.
  • Regular Service: Get an alert from fleet regarding your regular servicing of the car.
  • Continuous Driving
  • Tyres Replacement
  • Insurance Expiration
  • Temperature out of Range
  • Air conditioner ON
  • Smart Card Swiped
  • Engine Temperature Critical

and many more...

Alarms Option also provides an interface to view the logs of the alarm generated for the vehicles.
Using this you could monitor the alarm generated for all the vehicles with the location and time reference.


The Dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of all your vehicles at one place. It includes the last received Speed, Address, Engine on/ off status and the strength of the GPS & GSM signals.

Name : Represent vehicle and its Internal Name.
Address : Display current location of vehicle or vehicle group.
Timestamp : Display last data receipt time from the vehicle.
Engine Status : Display last known engine status of the vehicle, i.e. ON or OFF.
Speed : Display last known speed of the vehicle.
Today’s Mileage : Display total mileage which vehicle had travelled since last trip to last known location.
Alarm Status : Notify if any alarm occurs.
GPS Strength : Display current GPS connectivity status. i.e Either Connected or Not Connected.
Driver Assigned : Display details of driver assigned to the vehicle. Details like driving shifts, driver name, driving license details, Vehicle assigned etc.
Custom Tag : User can add custom tags differentiating a particular Vehicle from rest of the vehicle clusters. Vehicle can even be search from the tag names.
Device Voltage : Display status of power supply in device. It is represented in Volts.
Search : With unified search bar, user can search vehicle / group of vehicles on the basis of vehicle number, custom tag(if any).
Filters   : User can sort vehicle/group of vehicles on the basis of following parameters: -No Data -In-accurate GPS -Moving -Idle -Stopped -Towing -Speeding

Backoffice- Vehicle Management

Based on the different entries in backoffice you could keep a track on different vehicle attributes and expenses related to it. Also reminder alerts could also be set for Insurance expiration, Regular Service , Road Fees Expiration and many more.
Following are the vehicle attributes:

  • Car Model
  • Model Type
  •  Engine Type,
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Chasis number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Model Type
  • Vehicle Type
  • Color
  • Year Made
  • First Registration
  • HorsePower/Kilowatts
  • Number of seats
  • Insurance Renewal
  • Road Fees Expiration
  • Registration Expiration
  • Regular service
  • Purchase Date
  • Chasis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Fuel tank Capacity
  • Average Fuel Consumption
  • Engine Type

Apart from Vehicle attributes, following expenses spent on the vehicle could be easily managed:

  • Service expense
  • Fuel Expenses
  • Repair
  • Body Repair expense
  • Spare parts expense
  • Lubricants and Fluids expense
  • Tyres expense
  • Car wash expense
  • Fire extinguisher expense
  • Insurance expense
  • Road Surcharge expense
  • Technical exam expense
  • Additional technical exam expense
  • Registration expense
  • Other expense