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Employee safety
Employee safety Workplace safety

Plan better for employees rejoining from COVID hotspots

Identify employees that are travelling to work from high-risk areas like containment zones and red zones. You can then use this data to plan for a more comprehensive screening of these employees and also ensure the safety of the rest of your workforce.

Business operations post lockdown
Business operations

Don't know which business locations are safe to reopen?

Overlay offices, factories, retail stores, and other business locations on our live COVID maps to see whether they fall in the lesser infected, green and orange zones. This will help you decide which locations are safer to reopen.

COVID safe Delivery operations
Delivery operations Supply chain

Identify distribution points that are safe to deliver goods to

If a distribution network is central to your business operations, then it’s imperative to know which retailers, dealers, and distributors are safe to deliver goods to. Mark your distribution outlets on a map and cross-layer them with our COVID data to find this out.

Supply chain
Delivery operations Supply chain

Find safe delivery routes that avoid containment zones

Bring safety and awareness to your delivery and logistics teams by helping them find safer routes to drop-off and pick-up points. With our navigation capabilities, they can avoid highly infected COVID areas like micro-containment zones and red zones.

COVID hotspots alerts for Field force safety
Field force safety

Keep on-field teams safer with live COVID hotspots alerts

With the help of our live mobile notifications, your field teams will get real-time alerts whenever they are in close proximity to COVID hotspots like micro-containment zones and red zones.

Covid solutions for Delivery operations
Delivery operations

Wondering if a delivery address falls in a containment zone?

Plan your delivery operations better by running a safety check with our solutions. This allows you to see before-hand, whether a delivery address falls in the high-risk containment zones and red zones, or in the low-risk green zones and orange zone.

Covid solutions for Employee safety
Employee safety Customer safety

Make ride-hailing safer for drivers and riders

Our solutions help riders and drivers identify highly infected containment zones and red zones. This allows them to choose safer pick-up and drop-off points to mitigate the risk of COVID, making their daily commute safer.

Covid ready Business solutions
Business operations

Make smarter business reopening decisions

Map out your business data and assets on COVID map layers to understand where there are potential opportunities to resume operations without compromising on the safety of your employees.

COVID hotspots
Employee safety

Check your proximity to COVID hotspots

Our on-demand proximity solutions let you check how far you are from the nearest micro-containment zone. They also give information about nearby corona-related facilities like testing labs, treatment centres, and quarantine centres.

Long haul logistics
Long haul logistics

Making long distances,

Businesses no longer need to suffer due to the unsafe nature of long-distance logistics. With our navigation solutions integrated with live COVID data, drivers can take routes that avoid high-risk containment zones and red zones.

Advertising strategy after the lockdown

Where to focus your advertising strategy after the lockdown?

Our solutions help you know of localities, pin codes, and areas that are likely to reopen before others. Now, while other businesses are confused, you get the first-mover advantage to run promotions and advertising campaigns before anyone else.

Corona related information
Government services

For governments to serve citizens with information

In challenging times, citizens often look to the administration for help. Our solutions enable government agencies to provide citizens with corona-related information like testing & treatment centres, food & night shelters, and micro-containment zones.

Corona info desk
Websites Mobile apps

Turn into a Corona info desk for your users

Be the conscientious brand you are and provide your website visitors and app users with helpful information around COVID. You can do this by embedding our live Corona dashboards into your digital properties. Absolutely free!

contactless Services
Service operations

In which areas should I offer contactless services?

Our solutions tell you if the address of a customer who has placed a service request falls under an unsafe zone, like a micro-containment zone or red zone. This will help you identify which areas and customers to serve only through contactless service visits.

Covid safety
Consumer safety Mobile apps

Have your app give users a safety nudge

Our solutions can integrate with your consumer application to keep your users safely away from COVID hotspots. Users will be alerted through real-time notifications the moment they are in close proximity to a containment zone or red zone.

workplace safety
Visitor management Concierge apps

High visitor footfalls compromising workplace safety?

Augment your visitor management software by adding a layer of safety so that you can detect and flag visitors coming from high-risk containment zones. Now, manage high footfalls without compromising the safety of the rest of your employees.

Brand launches during covid
Market research Marketing strategy

Think brand launches in these times is a bad idea? Think again!

Turn these times of crisis into an opportunity. Identify ideal locations to focus on. Ones that are relatively safer, and where consumers can be targeted. Also, know more about these areas - demographics, landmarks, relevant places of interest, and so on.

safety planning
CRM Integrations

Safety planning for in-person client meetings

More business is always welcome. But in times like these, safety comes first. Plugin our safety APIs into your sales CRMs (or other customer management systems) to check if client offices are located in high-risk containment zones.

Embeddable COVID-19 Solutions

Ready to Use
COVID-19 Guide

COVID-19 Guide

A comprehensive tool to find, track and report everything on Coronavirus.

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saftey check

Safety Check

Find out how far you are from the nearest containment zone and share this information with family and friends.

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Embeddable COVID Dashboards

Embed Corona Dashboards

Get our easy-to-embed Corona information dashboards - as iframes - for your app or website.

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Customised COVID-19 Solutions

Built to Use
Your Business On 
Our COVID Maps

Your Business On
Our COVID Maps

Web and mobile plugins to visualize your business data layered on top of our COVID maps.

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Alerts For Nearby 
COVID Hotspots

Alerts For Nearby
Corona Hotspots

Mobile plugins for your field force to get real-time alerts for nearby containment zones.

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Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics:
Business vs COVID

A proprietary map tool to visualize and analyze your data against live COVID data.

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Check Proximity

Check Proximity
To COVID Zones

Integrate safety APIs to see how far your business assets are from containment zones.

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