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Mapping The Future for a Smarter India

Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia , interviewed for Top 100 Nation builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0Aspiring to make the world a better place with maps & Location technologies, Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia, interviewed for Top 100 Nation Builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0, an exclusive India today edition dated Sep 23, 2019.

For over 25 years, MapmyIndia has been creating India’s most comprehensive & exhaustive digital maps & database. In-Line with PM Modi’s Digital India vision, MapmyIndia’s indigenously built maps are enabling unique applications for over 5000+ enterprise customers and millions of consumers using map and location-based products & solutions.

Rohan Verma gives insights on growing aspects of location-based technology innovations across industry verticals. India is becoming autonomous ready moving towards ADAS, safety maps & EV spider range maps, making mobility more convenient, efficient and safer. MapmyIndia’s vehicle IoT & telematics is playing a crucial role in this growing ecosystem of multimodal transport system. Businesses today thrive on location data, where user expectations are driven by value for money, be it enhancing fleet optimization, increasing efficiency in sales force management, optimizing logistics and supply chain or retail penetration, MapmyIndia APIs are bridging the location gap.

MapmyIndia’s flagship App – Move is the culmination for all our Maps & IoT based products & solutions. Move gives every Indian the choice to move with freedom and safety. The app is integrated with best in class mapping and navigation features as well as tracking and people safety features. Move is our commitment to continuously evolve to make a better future for India. “We continue to shape up the technology for future and leapfrog India into the digital space providing products & services for smart mobility, smart businesses, and smarter cities”. MapmmyIndia was started as a journey of passion and commitment. Now after over 25 years, we serve as a platform to make India a better place with maps and location technologies and we’re committed to hiring a workforce that represents the same passion and love.


MapmyIndia partners with Ford SYNC AppLink

  • This is a joint endeavour to deliver a superior Connected Car System in India and to enable a safer navigation experience
  • MapmyIndia’s Map App on Ford SYNC AppLink Platform now has nearby search by category listing and brand listing


MapmyIndia, India’s leader in premium quality digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, Tracking, Location Apps & GIS Solutions, today announced its partnership with Ford, on their AppLink platform with an enhanced version of MapmyIndia’s Map App (download the Android mobile app at httpss:// Ford SYNC platform so far provided Points of Interest Search around a current location, but the enhanced version will now let the user search Points of Interest via category listing (18 categories and 108 sub-categories), and also specific brand names. In addition, the user will also experience voice as well as textual driving directions to the selected Point of Interest.
Ford SYNC AppLink

Commenting on the partnership, Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director of MapmyIndia said, “We have been digitally mapping India for over 20 years and have brought the benefits of digital maps to all Indians through breakthrough innovations in the automotive sector. We want to make the world better using maps & location technology and we share Ford’s vision to bring a SUPER Safe & Convenient navigation& mapping experience in-vehicle using voice commands on Ford Technologies. Our cutting-edge location technology can assure that drivers & passengers will be able to experience and find nearby points of interest either by category or by brand, in the real world from the comfort of their vehicle, enabling a superior connected car mapping experience. ”

Ford SYNC AppLink platform

Ford SYNC AppLink platform

“Ford SYNC AppLink platform gives drivers and occupants more choices to make their driving enjoyable and informative while on the move,” said Julius Marchwicki, Director Connected Vehicle & Services, Ford Asia Pacific. “We are very excited to expand Ford’s SYNC AppLink portfolio with new India-specific apps such as Maps app by MapmyIndia.”

Ford Sync

Ford Sync

About MapmyIndia (www.mapmyindia.com

MapmyIndia’s mission is to make the world better through maps and location technologies. Founded in 1992, MapmyIndia is India’s leader in premium quality digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, tracking, location apps, and GIS solutions.

Headquartered in New Delhi with offices across India, MapmyIndia is an ISO 9001-2012 company with 750+ people that pioneered digital mapping in India. Since 1995, through continuous efforts of its 400+ professional field surveyors and state-of-the-art mapping technology, including its revolutionary RealView service which captures, analyses and publishes the world in 3D and 360-degree photo-realistic clarity, MapmyIndia has built its proprietary MapmyIndia Maps, the most comprehensive, accurate, reliable, full-featured, professionally created and continuously updated digital map data set for all India, which are used for a wide range of applications including Navigation, Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Geographic Information Systems, Location Based Services and Smart Cities.

MapmyIndia makes not just the most advanced, accurate and detailed maps of India, but also the best GPS-based IoT (“Internet of Things”) devices optimised for use in vehicle, asset and personal navigation and tracking, market-leading location-based enterprise SaaS (“Software as a Service”), popular and delightful hyper-local mobile and web consumer apps, including, India’s very first and most detailed, accurate and comprehensive interactive online mapping portal, and NaviMaps, the best offline GPS navigation app for India. To enterprises and developers, MapmyIndia also provides a whole range of Map, LBS, GIS, GPS and Telematics Platforms, APIs, professional services and customized solutions which infuse rich and valuable location intelligence into their own apps, solutions, systems and workflows.

MapmyIndia partners with Eicher (VECV) to secure School Children with Integrated Safety Solution

We have recently partnered with VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (A JV between Eicher Motors Ltd. and Volvo Group) to ensure the safety of children from point of boarding till drop-of.  Being a pioneer in the safety, we have yet come up again with this initiative to provide a safe and secure transportation to school-going children by providing telematics solution. The customers have the option to purchase the Eicher range of school buses equipped with an integrated safety solution developed by MapmyIndia. The solution provides a comprehensive safety veil for children right from the point they board the school bus till the time they come back home safe & sound, and everything in-between.

Child safety is a primary concern for parents as well as school authorities. With both parents working there is always an anxiety and concern about the little ones going to school. Our child safety solution has been especially developed to address their concerns. We are happy that a leading automotive company like VECV has joined us in our mission to secure school going children. A new breed of highly secure and connected school buses have been developed, synergizing VECV’s expertise in manufacturing high quality school transport vehicles and MapmyIndia’s experience in developing, integrating and implementing state-of-the-art safety solutions. This, we are confident, will prove to be a big boon for the schools and a matter of satisfaction for parents.

Enabling a Connected School Bus

  • Location Entry, Exit Alerts (via SMS & Email)
  • Boarding/De-boarding SMS
  • On-board cameras and DVR with live streaming to monitor children and driver
  • Driver authorization
  • Emergency button
  • Remote vehicle disabler
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Activity alert
  • Live Tracking – On-board school bus/In the school premises
  • Reports Scheduling on Email
  • Historical Route Play

The integrated safety solution deploys state-of-the art GPS tracking, AV and Internet technologies to build a foolproof child-safety system. It addresses most safety and compliance concerns of parents as well as the school. The solution incorporates Vehicle tracker, RFID tags for children, on-board cameras (in front and the back of the bus) and DVR along with GPRS connectivity for live two-way communications. These will track and report child’s movements during school hours. Parents will be sent important alerts of various activities of the child during the day as they happen. In case of emergencies immediate alerts will be sounded for swift response.

How it works

How it works



MapmyIndia Locate app to secure cab passengers in NCR

We have undertaken a unique initiative to secure cab passengers in Delhi NCR. In a first, our Locate app will be given to all passengers using Snap Cab, an economy cab service based out of NOIDA. With this the Snap Cab customers can instantly share their location with the near and dear ones once they enter the cab. And as the journey proceeds, the passengers can be live tracked by the contacts of their choice.


Snap Cab is India’s first cab service to offer this dual security net to its customers. Their cabs are already GPS enabled and now with MapmyIndia Locate app the customer is empowered to take further security measures as she deems. “Safety is a big concern for everyone. No matter where we are or what we are doing, well-being of our loved ones is a worry that always lingers in some part of our mind. At MapmyIndia it has been our endeavor to leverage GPS technology to better the lives of Indians. I am happy to see that Snap Cab, by offering Locate app to its customers is addressing one of their major concerns. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.


“It is a matter of joy for us to tie-up with India’s leader in GPS navigation & tracking technology. MapmyIndia Locate app is helping us address the security concern of our passengers in a hassle-free and convenient way. I feel that that security as a USP will not only earn us the goodwill of the customers but also contribute strongly towards the brand equity of Snap Cab,” says Ashutosh Balwaria, Founder, Snap Cab.

Although no one expects an untoward situation to develop but it is good to be armed for the contingency. Every second is critical in case of an emergency. MapmyIndia locate ensures that during such times you always have access to the right people. They would instantly know how to reach the incident spot. A person can add ten emergency contacts, who will receive access to live tracking of the cab movement.

MapmyIndia announces a strategic tie‐up with iBall Andi Uddaan

We have entered into a strategic partnership with iBall, a brand known for innovative and latest technology products. The first offering to come out of this relationship is the iBall Andi Uddaan, India’s first women safety mobile phone’s deep integration with MapmyIndia’s people safety app, Locate. The device has a dedicated and exclusive SOS/safety feature in the phone, which is powered by our Locate app.


These days security especially women safety in India has been a big cause of concern. For the steady growth of India as superpower, women have and are playing a pivotal role. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that they along with every Indian citizen feel safe. This initiative is a small but significant step toward harnessing the potential of GPS navigation technology to secure India’s citizens. We are  happy to see that iBall, a leading name in mobile phones has realized this. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them

The iBall Andi Uddaan mobile phone uses India’s best and most comprehensive map data from MapmyIndia. The device design allows for quick yet discreet access to the SOS button. Every second is critical in case of an emergency. MapmyIndia locate ensures that the emergency message reaches the right person instantly and with clear details about how to reach the incident spot. A person can add five emergency contacts, who will receive the distress signal.

So what happens when you press the SOS Button (RESCUE):

  • Immediate help from those in vicinity: At the press of SOS, the phone will set off a loud alarm to alert people nearby. This will sound off people nearby even if the victim is gagged or incapacitated to raise a voice alarm. It may scare the perpetrators to flee the spot.
  • Express dispatch: Immediately MapmyIndia maps link is sent along with an SMS to the girl’s emergency contact(s)
  • Exponentially increases the chances of success: The ready availability of location details allows for the immediate launch of search and rescue operations thus multiplying the chances of success exponentially

Prevention and early warning system:

  • Tracking: With MapmyIndia Locate that comes pre‐installed in the phone, offers permission based real time tracking
  • Geo Fencing: Based on the need of the hour, a geographical area can be earmarked on the app like a fence. Any breach will set off alerts to family/husband whoever is the emergency contact(s).


With these powerful offerings for mobile phones, we are working closely with handset manufacturers across the country. Our applications cover the complete spectrum of SNT (Social, Navigation and Tracking). These apps are already very popular amongst mobile users and we have successfully launched apps for all popular mobile platforms viz. Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. These apps are free and can also be accessed from the mobile browser.