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MapmyIndia launches Rover, India’s first vehicle safety solution with house level data

Today we have announced the launch of Rover, India’s first vehicle safety solution with house-level data. The product allows users to live track their vehicle(s) anytime anywhere – they can use mobile and web browsers to see where their vehicles are at any given time. With MapmyIndia Rover you can now ensure complete safety for your family, employees and vehicles.

MapmyIndia Rover is a dependable and robust device
The accurate map data (at house-level) ensures that you will always know where your vehicle is. The product can operate independently in any situation. There is a complement of features that keep it functional even if the vehicle has been disabled. An internal battery back-up has been provided to keep it operational when the engine has been turned off. The product is water/dust proof and equipped with an internal antenna. Whatever the conditions, Rover will keep you on track with your vehicle. You can get sms/email alerts across multiple numbers/ids of your choice. In case of a theft the vehicle can be immobilized from your smartphone. An immediate rescue operation can be launched and the vehicle’s current location be fetched by sending an SMS “FIND Vehicle Number” to 56161 from any number


An intelligent device beyond tracking
The product is not just limited to tracking but is loaded with intelligent features like Geo-fencing (setting geographical boundaries) and route setting that will set off alerts in case of any deviation. You will be able to take counter-measures, before the situation develops into a crisis. The product also allows you to mark important places that are visited regularly like your child’s school, pick up and drop points of employees, delivery destinations etc.

Comprehensive Web Dasboard

Historical Route Replay

Mark Places on the Map

MapmyIndia Rover is your sentinel on the go (

Efficient vehicle/fleet operation
The MapmyIndia Rover also facilitates optimal usage and efficient operation of your vehicles. Get highly
accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically. The product helps
you keep a check on vehicle running, over speeding instances etc. Reports on Trips & Drives/Trip & Stops, Drives
by Day/ Stops by Day/ Get stops at my places etc. are valuable to see that there is compliance to the laid out
guidelines and plans. Any discrepancies and inefficiencies can be immediately detected and acted upon.


  1. Vehicle idling: Engine On at Anubhaya near *Nan Trauma Centre, Safdarjung Enclave at 22:00, 12/12/13
  2. Entry in a Geo fence: HR2X5876 entered Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30,12/12/13
  3. Speed Limit Violation: HR2X5876 is over-speeding at Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30, 12/12/13

“MapmyIndia Rover is a culmination of our vast experience of working with world’s leading automotive manufacturers and interface with the consumers. The product has been so designed that it will benefit the individual car/vehicle owners as well as businesses which operate vehicle fleets like BPOs, Taxi services, Logistics, Media etc. Our objective is to deploy GPS technology in the best way to secure the families and assets of millions of Indians who are working hard for the prosperity of this county,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia

Powered by India’s best maps
The device is powered by India’s most accurate MapmyIndia maps’ latest version 8.1. These offer India’s most comprehensive, exhaustive, detailed and updated coverage with – 10.54 million unique destinations (Points of Interests), expanded coverage of over 2 million kilometers road network, 6028 cities at street level with house address level data for 52 cities, 600000 villages and 3D & 2D landmarks in 88 cities

Availability and technical support
MapmyIndia Rover is priced at Rs 11,990. The product is available at all leading automotive and accessories retail outlets in all major cities of India. The customers are also being offered technical assistance and installation facilities at these outlets.