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ICENAV 701 – a state-of-the-art Android based Connected car in-dash Navigation & Entertainment system

Today we launched the state-of-the-art Android based connected car in-dash Navi-tainment system – ICENAV 701. Check it out here. This Android device is a comprehensive Navi-tainment package that includes high quality 4.1 channel audio, HD viewing, responsive touch-screen, an intelligent/customized user interface (UI), connected social location & navigation, live traffic updates, Bluetooth connectivity and much more.



MapmyIndia is committed to introducing products that are high on utility and offer unparalleled user experience. The ICENAV 701 is a power packed integrated car in-dash system that combines Internet, Communication, Entertainment and Navigation making travel comfortable, safe, entertaining and productive. This is a strong addition to our existing range of car in-dash offerings.

Here are the key offerings of the product:

Complete Car Navi-tainment System – The ICENAV 701 comes packed with India’s best and richest maps to give you turn by turn voice guided navigation

High quality audio experience – The new MapmyIndia In-Dash comes with advanced audio controls and 4.1 channel connectivity to enhance your audio experience inside the car

Customize the car AV home screen according to your needs- Set the home screen as per your need to provide Location based information viz. weather, news and recommendations, Points of interest – POIs (ATM, Restaurants, Hotels, Chemists etc.), speed alerts etc. The device will also keep you updated with your current location and constantly updated the information as you move ahead.


The connected-car experience – Explore the world of Android Marketplace – Users can download from millions of apps on the Google Play store. They can message & mail, socialize, watch movies, live TV, listen to music & much more


A smart car compliment that is easy to use – The MapmyIndia ICENAV 701 fits into a standard 2 Din car in-dash slot. The smart looking device seamlessly gels with the car’s interiors like an OEM fitment



The best of Social, Navigation & Location – The ICENAV 701 is equipped with MapmyIndia’s Social Navigation and Location apps – ReachMe, Locate, Explore, and MapmyIndia Maps


Best-in-Class Navigation Experience – The device is powered by India’s most accurate & latest MapmyIndia maps’ latest version 9.0. These also India’s most localized maps with voice guidance in regional languages


Availability and price- MapmyIndia ICENAV 701 has been priced at Rs 39,990 and is available across all the major centers like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Consumers can buy the product all leading Car Showrooms and car accessory outlets across the country. MapmyIndia products can be purchased on with the option of Cash on Delivery.


MapmyIndia Launches map version 9.0; offers enhanced coverage and ease-of-use

Today we have launched the latest map version (9.0) for all of India. With this, we offer enhanced map coverage along with added convenience. We have significantly added to the existing map data with 7068 cities (up by 1040 cities) at street level and the last mile has been connected for 80 cities, an addition of 24 more cities with house-level data. To top it all, we are offering 3D landmarks and 2D building foot prints for 86 cities across India.

The Smart single-line, predictive and easy place search feature enables users to search by typing in a single string, doing away with the need to type POI and address in separate columns. The search is predictive so as you start typing probable options keep appearing thus making it faster and easier to use. We feel the Indian landscape is changing, not just in geography but also in demographics. We have a higher percentage of traveling population clocking more hours in transit than ever before. To cater to the needs of this growing and energetic India, MapmyIndia is constantly innovating and enhancing navigation solutions. The map updates are a critical component of this process.

Map version 9.0 has more regional language options for the users with Voice guidance in 9 regional Indian languages other than English. For 12 Indian states the map text is in Hindi. The version 9.0 provides unparalleled coverage spanning over 2.1 million kilometers road network with advanced information like multiple names, road classification one-ways, turn restrictions, divider, service lanes, roundabouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads, ramps and much more. The users get India’s most comprehensive, exhaustive, detailed and updated map data with – 10.63 million unique destinations (Points of Interests) and 600,000 villages. It also includes best-in-class advanced and localized navigation and driver assistance features such as extended lane guidance, junction views, sign-posts, live traffic, city guides and rich points of interest, regional voice guidance and regional maps.

We continue to offer the most localized navigation experience, with city guides, tourist guides and rich points of interest (which provide detailed descriptions and photographs of places to visit, stay, eat and shop in popular tourist destinations and cities) voice guidance in 9 regional languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada. The version 9.0 also offers maps in Hindi for 12 states (which display the map in Hindi). This will benefit users who prefer to communicate and interact with the navigation systems in local Indian languages and not just English.

Users can update the maps to version 9.0 in their existing navigation systems by visiting MapmyIndia’s online store:


MapmyIndia launches Rover, India’s first vehicle safety solution with house level data

Today we have announced the launch of Rover, India’s first vehicle safety solution with house-level data. The product allows users to live track their vehicle(s) anytime anywhere – they can use mobile and web browsers to see where their vehicles are at any given time. With MapmyIndia Rover you can now ensure complete safety for your family, employees and vehicles.

MapmyIndia Rover is a dependable and robust device
The accurate map data (at house-level) ensures that you will always know where your vehicle is. The product can operate independently in any situation. There is a complement of features that keep it functional even if the vehicle has been disabled. An internal battery back-up has been provided to keep it operational when the engine has been turned off. The product is water/dust proof and equipped with an internal antenna. Whatever the conditions, Rover will keep you on track with your vehicle. You can get sms/email alerts across multiple numbers/ids of your choice. In case of a theft the vehicle can be immobilized from your smartphone. An immediate rescue operation can be launched and the vehicle’s current location be fetched by sending an SMS “FIND Vehicle Number” to 56161 from any number


An intelligent device beyond tracking
The product is not just limited to tracking but is loaded with intelligent features like Geo-fencing (setting geographical boundaries) and route setting that will set off alerts in case of any deviation. You will be able to take counter-measures, before the situation develops into a crisis. The product also allows you to mark important places that are visited regularly like your child’s school, pick up and drop points of employees, delivery destinations etc.

Comprehensive Web Dasboard

Historical Route Replay

Mark Places on the Map

MapmyIndia Rover is your sentinel on the go (

Efficient vehicle/fleet operation
The MapmyIndia Rover also facilitates optimal usage and efficient operation of your vehicles. Get highly
accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically. The product helps
you keep a check on vehicle running, over speeding instances etc. Reports on Trips & Drives/Trip & Stops, Drives
by Day/ Stops by Day/ Get stops at my places etc. are valuable to see that there is compliance to the laid out
guidelines and plans. Any discrepancies and inefficiencies can be immediately detected and acted upon.


  1. Vehicle idling: Engine On at Anubhaya near *Nan Trauma Centre, Safdarjung Enclave at 22:00, 12/12/13
  2. Entry in a Geo fence: HR2X5876 entered Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30,12/12/13
  3. Speed Limit Violation: HR2X5876 is over-speeding at Safdarjung Enclave at 21:30, 12/12/13

“MapmyIndia Rover is a culmination of our vast experience of working with world’s leading automotive manufacturers and interface with the consumers. The product has been so designed that it will benefit the individual car/vehicle owners as well as businesses which operate vehicle fleets like BPOs, Taxi services, Logistics, Media etc. Our objective is to deploy GPS technology in the best way to secure the families and assets of millions of Indians who are working hard for the prosperity of this county,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia

Powered by India’s best maps
The device is powered by India’s most accurate MapmyIndia maps’ latest version 8.1. These offer India’s most comprehensive, exhaustive, detailed and updated coverage with – 10.54 million unique destinations (Points of Interests), expanded coverage of over 2 million kilometers road network, 6028 cities at street level with house address level data for 52 cities, 600000 villages and 3D & 2D landmarks in 88 cities

Availability and technical support
MapmyIndia Rover is priced at Rs 11,990. The product is available at all leading automotive and accessories retail outlets in all major cities of India. The customers are also being offered technical assistance and installation facilities at these outlets.

MapmyIndia launches Smart Mirror, the smart convergence-navigation device

We are announcing the the launch of a one-of-its-kind smart convergence device today – MapmyIndia SmartMirror. The device, a smart in-car travel companion, merges navigation and rear view functionality in a single piece. This device will make navigation more convenient than ever before. Powered by India’s best maps the product features a Navigator seamlessly merged with a rear view mirror to offer assisted driving experience.


“We have always endeavored to introduce products that not just are great navigation gadgets but also offer a bundle of features that are useful while travelling, beyond navigation. I am sure that MapmyIndia Smart Mirror will be well liked by the consumers for not just being a great navigation product but also for its ease-of-use and aesthetic appeal,” Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.

A hassle-free, assisted driving experience

There is no distraction while driving. To navigate all one has to do is look at the rearview screen. Travelers will be able to experience the 3D augmented realty experience as never before. A real-time visual verification will happen as the 3D image on the navigator will super-impose the actual landmarks as they pass them. And so would the ground contours change on the ‘Smart screen’, highlighting the diverse landscape as they traverse this vast country.

Aesthetically merges with car interiors like OEM fitment

The MapmyIndia Smart Mirror conveniently clamps on to the existing rear-view mirror slot. The interior wiring ensures that the device seamlessly gels with your car’s interiors like an OEM fitment, while smartly replacing your dumb rearview system.


Powered by India’s best maps

The device is powered by India’s most accurate MapmyIndia maps’ latest version 8.1. These also India’s most localized maps with voice guidance in 9 Indian regional languages and maps for 10 cities in Hindi text. The users get India’s most comprehensive, exhaustive, detailed and updated coverage with – 10.54 million unique destinations (Points of Interests), expanded coverage of over 2 million kilometers road network, 6028 cities at street level with house address level data for 52 cities, 600000 villages and 3D & 2D landmarks in 88 cities

Availability and price

MapmyIndia Smart Mirror has been priced at Rs 15,990 and is available across all the major centers like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Consumers can buy the product all leading electronic Stores and car accessory outlets across the country. MapmyIndia products can be purchased on with the option of Cash on Delivery.

Search, Print & Go – Launches Version 2008

‘Search, Print & Go!’ – Launches Version 2008

MapmyIndia Receives VC funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Sherpalo Ventures and Nexus India Capital

New Delhi, August 22, 2007:, the interactive maps and directions portal for India, today launched v2008, the next generation version of the portal. The new version, with a cool blue look, is packed with innovative features like landmark based directions, powerful and localized Indian search, improved print page for print-and-go option, improved readability, highly detailed maps and much more.

New features of v2008

  • All India coverage, including 165 cities at street level
  • Landmark based turn-by-turn directions
  • Optional ‘via’ routing to travel through a particular location
  • Localized Indian search to handle unorganized address system problems
  • Improved print page to carry maps and directions for easy reference
  • Improved readability and details of maps
  • Free web APIs for integrating comprehensive location functionality such as interactive maps, directions and local search to be made available to internet and mobile application developers has been successful in capturing the online maps space and is the flagship brand of the New Delhi-based CE Info Systems, the leading navigable map and GIS solutions provider for India since 1994. CE Info Systems recently received venture funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Sherpalo Ventures and Nexus India Capital.

“Traditionally, we Indians have been used to the ask-for-directions-on-the-road method of reaching a new destination. But the popularity of shows a new trend – that with rising incomes and purchasing power and hence increase in domestic travel, more and more Indians are ‘pre-planning’ their travel and are taking the help of Our research shows that like cell phones, the younger generation is adopting the technology and is introducing it to the older generation. In a few years, I see map-based travel fast catching up with the trends in the US and Europe,” says Rohan Verma, Head,

“MapmyIndia has invested many years of tireless effort in mapping out all of India, and has developed world-class technology for the online portal. We are very excited about their vision, and believe they will solve the problem of reliable navigation in India,” says Suvir Sujan, Partner in Nexus India Capital.

“Online maps and directions have become the de-facto guide for people in US and Europe. For the same to happen in India, a tailored Indian approach is needed. We believe the landmark-based directions approach taken by MapmyIndia, among other features coming soon, will help drive the mass use of online maps in India,” says Sandeep Murthy, Partner in Sherpalo Ventures and CEO of Cleartrip.

Getting directions on v2008

  1. Type in from and to addresses in the search box, or right click on the interactive map to select from and to points.
  2. Add via point if you want directions to your destination via that location.
  3. See the highlighted route on an interactive zoomable and draggable map.
  4. On the left, see the total distance and estimated drive time, along with step-by-step instructions on how to reach the destination, including what road to turn on and what landmarks to cross.
  5. Print and carry these directions for reference, or share with others via email, URL link, or by embedding that interactive map into your website or blog

About CE Info Systems (P) Ltd

CE Info Systems (P) Ltd, a New Delhi-based ISO 9001-2000 Company founded in 1992, is the provider of India’s most comprehensive navigable and GIS map dataset that powers location-based services such as internet mapping applications, mobile navigation, car navigation, and GIS-based decision support systems. The company has been creating this repository of proprietary digital map information since 1994 through continuous field surveys and state-of-the-art mapping technology. In 2004, the company released its internet maps and directions portal,, and was short listed by NASSCOM as a showcase company for IT Innovation in India. The company has served over 500 leading enterprise customers, and is now offering map, directions and navigation services to consumers.