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MapmyIndia and Reverie Language Technologies make India’s first fully localised Map and release truly local, intelligent keyboard app, ‘Hey Map’

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in digital maps and location technologies and Reverie Language Technologies, a pioneer in language technology solutions have partnered & localised the entire map of India. In terms of product, they have collaborated on the existing MapmyIndia platform, to localize India’s largest repository of digital map data built by MapmyIndia over the last 20 years, and on a new language basedintelligent keyboard app, with map intelligence and assistance integrated, called ‘Hey Map’ (httpss:// This effort should enable all billion Indians to benefit fully from map and location information, regardless of the language, app or website they are comfortable using. It allows uses to easily enter MapmyIndia’ revolutionary new eLoc, which shortens and simplifies any complex and confusing long Indian address into 6 alphanumeric characters, into the address input field of any app or website, be it an ecommerce, taxi or food delivery app, and help in enabling accurate and efficient doorstep directions, deliveries and drop-offs across India.


  1. MapmyIndia and Reverie have localised the former’s India map platform, which helps businesses or the government deliver their products & services accurately using a simple and powerful 6 digits alphanumeric eLoc code that guarantees doorstep delivery, directions and drop-off. The map is currently available in Hindi and other Indian languages will be rolled out soon. Multilingual search will also be enabled in the coming months making it the only fully localised map platform for India.

    Device Settings for Hindi Language Map

    Device Settings for Hindi Language Map

  2. MapmyIndia and Reverie have also together created a new keyboard for mobile phones called ‘Hey Map’ (httpss:// end consumers to be able to search, saveand sharelocations or points of interest at the ‘Flip’ of the keyboard in Indian languages.

    Keyboard in Indian languages

    Keyboard in Indian languages

  3. It is also powered with Speech to Text (STT) making it easy to just ask:

    “Hey Map, show restaurants nearby?” or

    “Hey Map, where am I?”


    हेमैप, मैंकहानहूँ?”

    हेमैप, नज़्दीकहोटेल्सकहानहैं?”

    to discover what is around you or where you are. MapmyIndia’s 6 digits alphanumeric eLoc code will also allow anyone to share their location over any application which can then be seen on any browser or MapmyIndia’s app, or right from the ‘Hey Map’keyboard app.

    1. USP/DIFFERENTIATION:This solution is better than any other map or navigational solutions currently available in the market in the following ways:
    • Fully localised map platform – available in Hindi first, other Indian languages to be added soon
    • Ability to locate exact house addresses or locations as opposed to locations within a certain radius or vicinity using a 6 digits alphanumeric eLoc code
    • Ability to search a location via typing or voice in Indian languages, apart from the ability to share and store 6 digits alphanumeric eLoc codes


    MapmyIndia’s current products are used by 5,000+ enterprise customers and 10 million end consumers. Its eLoc product is India’s first nationwide digital address system, which has transformational potential in the private and public sector.

    Reverie Language Technologies has processed more than 2 billion words on its proprietary Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) platformin major Indian languages and has delivered language solutions on more than 1 billion devices for major mobile and chipset manufacturers in more than 50 languages, globally.

    1. Together, they worked on fully localising MapmyIndia’splatform– from street names to navigational commands using a combination of Reverie’s hosted language solutions and its APIs via its cloud based Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) platform. This will have a variety of applications:
    • Businesses: especially for MapmyIndia’s existing partners for supply chain & logisticsto ensure 30% more profitable and faster deliveries due to high accuracy of MapmyIndia’s digital maps, unambiguous and simple address input and precise navigation to destination doorstep in a preferred Indian language
    • Government: completely localised for delivery of citizen service initiatives across 100+ cities and 600,000+ villages,
    • Automotive companies – embedded within navigation systems in vehicles
    • End users – who use MapmyIndia’s platform via browsers or their app and would prefer to use it in a language of their choice

    Significant technological advancements were made for this app by both MapmyIndia and Reverie to ensure seamless functioning.

    • Navigation and mapping has high quality data requirements that are typically heavy in terms of content so MapmyIndia and Reverie had toopt for hybrid solution of hosted installation of Reverie’s language solutions as well as its API based Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) platform
    • Map data is highly dynamic in nature (for turn by turn navigation) and therefore time bound commands need to be provided. This is particularly critical especially for correcting any wrong turns taken as the distance has to be recalculated.

    With this platform, end users will gain from a holistic and seamless experience in doing the following:

    • Searching for a desired location on the map platform to the exact doorstep in a preferred language
    • Getting turn by turn navigational instructions to the desired location in a language of their choice


    1. After developing popular language apps– Indic Keyboard Swalekh Flip and Indic Phonebook that have each seen more than 400K downloads and let’s end users type in all 22 official languages of India, and save, search and read their mobile contacts in 11 major Indian languages respectively, Reverie also developed a newlanguage basedmapkeyboard for MapmyIndia called ‘Hey Map’. With MapmyIndia’s eLoc feature, it makes it extremely easy to search, save and share locations or points of interest at the ‘Flip’ of the keyboard in Indian languages. If eLoc is a digital address system akin to Aadhar, then Reverie’s solution provides the language identity to that address.The keyboard app comes with the following features:
    • Type or speak, long press the word and ‘Flip’ the keyboard to reveal a map preview and a listing of your points of interest – restaurants,shops and more
      • Speech to Text (STT) feature built in to query/ask for specific points of interest like –

      “Hey Maps, show restaurants nearby?” or

      “Hey Maps, where am I?”


      हेमैप, मैंकहानहूँ?”

      हेमैप, नज़्दीकहोटेल्सकहानहैं?”

      • Search for a specific location or the 6 digits’ alphanumeric eLoc code and get directions to it
      • Save your favourite eLocs and share it with others anytime
      • MapmyIndia’ eLoc 6 digits alphanumeric code that determines a location can easily be shared via any application (WhatsApp, Facebook, email, SMS etc.) and viewed on any website on any browser,which was previously not possible, and of course, on the MapmyIndia app.
      • Again, this is especially useful for:
        • Businesses: for accurate last ‘doorstep’ delivery, supply chain and logistics requirements and business address validation in a preferred Indian language
        • Government: for emergency response management, disaster management, last ‘doorstep’ governance and utilities provision and any other citizen location validation requirement, completely localised
        • End users – to set up a personal digital address and share it with your friends and family or search for points of interest in a language of your choice. Use an eLoc to fill out an address form you need to fill out online (Flipkart, Amazon etc.) – no more filling out lengthy details!

        Speaking on the partnership, Arvind Pani, Co-Founder & CEO of Reverie Language Technologies said, “MapmyIndia has been a frontrunner in enabling accurate digital map usage in India. However, since India is a country where only 4% Indians are fluent in English and the dialect changes every 40 kilometres, it becomes imperative to take languages into account for enabling a truly efficient navigation solution. We hope this will be used extensively by businesses, the government and Indians for a truly delightful experience in a language of their choice.”

        Commenting on the partnership, Rohan Verma, Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer of MapmyIndia said, “ Since we began digitally mapping India 20 years ago, we have wanted to bring the benefits of digital maps to everyone i.e. all 125+ crore Indians, as well all  5+ crore big and small businesses, and 7 lakh plus governments across each village panchayat, municipal corporation, district, state and the centre. We have been able to do this by making our entire All India map data repository multi-lingual and integrating that into our comprehensive, flagship Map app across mobile and web platforms ( and our all new Hey Map keyboard and voice assistant, which allows consumers to use MapmyIndia within any other app or website by simply switching to the truly local ‘Hey Map’ keyboard. Users of Map and Hey Map can save 30% time and money every day by getting and giving doorstep directions, deliveries, and taxi drop-offs using eLoc, our revolutionary new nation-wide door-step level digital address system that shortens and simplifies any complex and confusing  Indian address to 6 alphanumeric characters (e.g.  c-2/149a Janakpuri, new Delhi become simply 8GDTYX), in the language of their comfort. We believe this will rapidly be adopted by millions of consumers and also app developers, businesses and government organisations looking for the best, most localized and most efficient and effective map-powered experience for their daily lives, as well as business and governance initiatives. We are so excited to partner with Reverie, another best-in-class pioneering organisation, for a truly Made in India, Digital India, Best for India solution”.

        About MapmyIndia:

        (Website:, eLoc:
        MapmyIndia’s mission is to make the world better through maps and location technologies. Founded in 1992, MapmyIndia is India’s leader in premium quality digital map data and APIs, GPS navigation, tracking, location apps, and GIS solutions.

        Headquartered in New Delhi with offices across India, MapmyIndia is an ISO 9001-2012 company with 750+ people that pioneered digital mapping in India. Since 1995, through continuous efforts of its 400+ professional field surveyors and state-of-the-art mapping technology and its own private investment of Rs 200+ crore into cutting technologies and professional map building processes, which includes its revolutionary RealView service that captures, analyses and publishes the world in 3D and 360-degree photo-realistic clarity, MapmyIndia has built its proprietary MapmyIndia Maps, the most comprehensive, accurate, reliable, full-featured, professionally created and continuously updated digital map data set IP for all India, including the game-changing eLoc digital address innovation, a 6 character code for every doorstep across India, which are used for a wide range of applications including Navigation, Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Geographic Information Systems, Location Based Services and Smart Cities. MapmyIndia powers 5000+ enterprises, 80% of car with in-built navigation in India run on MapmyIndia, 10,000+ developers build on the MapmyIndia stack, and MapmyIndia has successfully served over 10 million individual end users and customers.

        MapmyIndia makes not just the most advanced, accurate and detailed maps of India, but also the best GPS-based IoT (“Internet of Things”) devices optimized for use in vehicle, asset and personal navigation and tracking, market-leading location-based enterprise SaaS (“Software as a Service”), popular and delightful hyper-local mobile and web consumer apps, including, India’s very first and most detailed, accurate and comprehensive interactive online mapping portal, and NaviMaps, the best offline GPS navigation app for India. Enterprises, startups and developers can infuse rich and valuable location intelligence into their own apps, IoT devices, solutions, systems and workflows by integrating with the MapmyIndia Stack, which is India’s best and most powerful set of data, APIs, professional services and customized solutions covering maps, navigation, tracking and location analytics. MapmyIndia’s developer platform, AppmyIndia (, already powers tens of thousands of developers, startups and technology deployments by marquee public and private sector enterprises across 4 themes – Smart Cars, Smart Businesses, Smart Governments, and Smart Consumers – and is focused on enabling the entire ecosystem to transform India and leapfrog it to the forefront of the digital world.

        About Reverie Language Technologies:


        Reverie’s vision is to promote Language Equality on the InternetTM. It was founded in 2009 by Arvind Pani, Vivek Pani and S.K Mohanty, and is led by a strong R&D technology team that builds technologies to bridge the language divide in the digital world. Reverie works with OEM & chipset manufacturers, enterprises (Consumer Internet) and the developer community.

        Reverie’s Language-as-a-ServiceTM (LaaSTM) cloud platform provides localisation services such as local-language translation, transliteration, device input, and search through a set of APIs.  The platform integrates with business infrastructure (websites and apps) to enable end users to consume digital content in their preferred language in multiple languages, real-time.

        Reverie serves the consumer Internet space (online retail, e-commerce marketplaces, travel, media & entertainment), banks and financial services, e-governance, across millions of devices.